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  1. mallardsx2

    Spam posters

    I reported several this morning. Just curious but is there a way to vet new members so these people can be eliminated? Maybe a chain of questions that only someone with outdoor experience would know and if they don't answer correctly their I.P. is banned?
  2. mallardsx2

    2022 Fall Bear

    Great bar!
  3. mallardsx2

    75 years old on hospice and got it done

    That's awesome that he was able to get it done!
  4. mallardsx2

    Spam posters

    I hope you guys all did good on your hunts!
  5. mallardsx2

    Colorado Elk - And so it begins.

    Not bad fuel mileage for a 2500 Ram. Sadly, after doing the math, it is still more cost effective to drive a gas burner that gets 15MPG. Its a 9,000 pound vehicle though so I guess a guy has to expect some losses.
  6. mallardsx2

    Colorado Elk - And so it begins.

  7. mallardsx2

    The Memes Thread!

  8. mallardsx2

    Colorado Elk - And so it begins.

    Moon Nazi's........I fear that I fall into that group! lol Awesome pictures as usual, congratulations to the hunters, and I am glad you had a great trip!
  9. mallardsx2

    Michigan Bear hunting adventure

    Bears are so nocturnal. They can be super hard to hunt. We killed almost all of our bears in PA by tracking them in the snow. Without that it is like hunting a needle in a haystack. You still get to rifle hunt right?
  10. mallardsx2

    prhunter 2022 AZ elk

  11. mallardsx2

    Veteran's Antelope Hunt

    No pictures?
  12. mallardsx2

    Trip Insurance

    I want this insurance. Wonder if they would even refund the cost of the tag and the cost of the years that it took to get the points?! And yes, I'm joking.
  13. mallardsx2

    Colorado M/L Bull

    Sweet Jesus! That's a DANDY bull!
  14. mallardsx2

    Looking for Idaho Elk hunting partner/group/guide - Bannock A Sept 15th - 30th

    I'm still trying to figure out how plenty of 160"/170" deer live on 150 acres in harmony. Sounds like Narnia to me! LOL
  15. mallardsx2

    The 40 acre deer refuge 2022

    Food plots are tilled and planted!
  16. mallardsx2

    Getting Close

    I know the feeling. Getting a little anxious myself. Best of luck to you on your trip!
  17. mallardsx2

    Michigan Bear hunting adventure

    I would say it is over a year old. I know a guy who shot a 127 pound female bear in PA that was 11 years old. They are a hard animal to judge.
  18. mallardsx2

    Wild Sheep Foundation ban?

    I remember how a lion outfitter took a Erie PA guys money 15 years ago. It involved a $6000 lion hunt out west. It all came to an end at the Harrisburg sport show when the police put the guy in handcuffs in the parking lot for fraud charges. He ripped off the wrong guy. That's a fact. The guy...
  19. mallardsx2

    The Memes Thread!

    ^^ Right. I went to school with a kid that lost his eye to a golf ball in 11th grade. He was standing perpendicular to the fairway in from of the guy T'ing off and the ball came off the front of the club and hit him right in the eye and he lost his eye and now has a glass eye. Not so sure if...
  20. mallardsx2

    Dalton Highway 5 mile in hunt.

    Always amazed me how effortless caribou can go across the tundra. Then when you try and walk across it, it feels like your walking on basketballs. Lol