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  1. Don K

    Tag has arrived!!

    My L.E. Elk tag arrived in the mail today!! No more second guessing, wondering if I really did draw one of the two tags as I have it in my hands!!
  2. Don K

    Waterhole Etiquette?

    I have been building WY points with my son to use on a future hunt as we have not hunted antelope yet. Just had a conversation with my mother and my father is very interested in getting a antelope as he has never taken one either. (he hasn't said anything to me yet) So I am thinking of putting...
  3. Don K

    Can Cooker

    OK, anyone use the Can Cooker? I'm thinking of picking one up for Christmas and they seem to get good reviews. Something to mess with this winter in the kitchen
  4. Don K

    Taking him out of school

    OK, last year I took my youngest son out of school for a week as I bow hunted for Elk in Wyoming. He came along with a deer tag and had a blast as I called a bull right in to us and killed it. Its one of the most memorable moments I have had with him. He has talked and talked about this since...
  5. Don K

    Cabelas Code

    Anyone ordering over 150 dollars from Cabelas this next couple weeks? I have a code for 20 off 150 your welcome to have just PM me.
  6. Don K

    Power Pot

    Anyone have one of these or try one out? Looks interesting, was looking for ways to charge my cell phone in the backcountry.