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  1. taskswap

    South Slope Muzzleloader Elk?

    Hey all, Given how low my chances are for a non-resident draw tag, I'm looking at doing a late season muzzleloader tag this year. Between work and family commitments, I can't do archery or rifle, so that's my only OTC option. Not looking for any secret spots but if anybody has tips/guidance on...
  2. taskswap

    Bear bins

    Do any of you have any contacts or thoughts on some way to organize contributions around bear bins? I think we can all agree bears getting habituated to human trash is bad for everyone - the bear, the camper, and the hunter. But recently I've had a couple of experiences and chats with folks at...
  3. taskswap

    Vortex Lifetime VIP Warranty

    So... not to be a shill for them or anything... but I just wanted to give a shout out to Vortex on their warranty policy. While on an elk hunt in Colorado last month, I found these binoculars lying on the ground. They're clearly more than a year old because they're an older model. They're also...
  4. taskswap

    Rough weather ahead

    Heading out in a few days for the Colorado Flat Tops. Rough forecast ahead for most of the Northern midwest this weekend. Keep safe everyone, and good luck!
  5. taskswap

    Rahwah to Creede, snowed anyway

    Over the weekend I was going to take two friends into Shipman Park. It's a beautiful roadless park in Northern CO that reminds me "Estes without the people, buildings, or roads." I was there last year hunting but it was unseasonably warm and there was a large fire nearby in WY that pushed a lot...
  6. taskswap

    Hello from Colorado

    Recent (3 years) transplant to Colorado saying hello here. Been scouting the state since I got here, loving the views in the high country. Guess I'm a mix of tech (OnX to avoid trespass) and "let's go that way awhile..." I'm also kind of a mix of loner and social - I love my time alone, but...