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    Deer area 105/106

    My wife is wanting to try for a muley in the sunlight basin area this weekend. I have spent a ton of time in both of these areas during most of the year hunting fishing and snowmobiling except for the last part of october and early november. I have a pretty good idea of where we should go but...
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    Moo Cow Decoy?

    I went scouting for elk yesterday and found a bunch of elk in a very flat area with no cover and a bunch of cows in the area. Im debating buying a cow decoy from montana decoys (big red moo cow) and i was wondering if anybody has tried them and if you have had any luck with big game.. i have...
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    Redfield binos

    I dropped a pair of redfield binos last year so i sent them in to see if they could fix them. They couldnt fix them so they upgraded my 10x50 redfields to a pair of leupold 10x50 acadias free of charge! They might not be the very top of line optics but the customer service is excellent!
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    Good news!!!

    I hit a tree snowmobiling 2 weekends ago and seperated the end of my collarbone from my shoulder. Went to the dr today and they said it doesnt need surgery! I figured with a shoulder injury and a baby due april 14th i would definately draw both moose and mountain goat tags this year.
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    Whats your favorite solvent?

    Ive been scrubbing away cleaning rifles and trying to remove all the copper fouling. Ive been using Hoppes #9 and Barnes Cr10 solvents and its taking alot of time and effort. Im wondering if anybody has reccomendations on a solvent that would help speed things up.
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    Had some luck elk hunting too

    My wife got her first elk this year. Super easy hunt and excellent meat. Her cousin got his first bull and first archery kill. The picture of the shed his elk was hanging in and a griz broke into it and ate a bunch of meat. Everything outside of the shed was inside it until the bear drug it all out.
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    What a year for us!

    My wifes buck was a heavy 6x6 and i got a 8x9 32" outside spread. Biggest buck for both of us. General wyoming tags
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    whitetail advice wanted

    I drew a pretty good late season whitetail tag this year( nov 1st to nov 30th... pre rut through post rut) and im looking for a little advice. I havnt hunted whitetails seriously but i have got a pretty nice one during regular season. I have always hunted high country muleys and i know i am in...
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    Motivation for next year

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    Rebarreling question

    I want to re barrel my 300 weatherby mark v and with all the brand of barrels out there im having a tough time deciding what brand to go with. I want accuracy and low heat distortion. Im hoping for input on brands that everybody likes and things like if fluting has helped keep tight groups with...
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    Wyoming Elk Area 51

    I just got home from a long wet weekend trying to locate elk for my area 51 any elk tag. The area isnt new to me but elk hunting in that area is. I saw a few elk but no monster bulls. Lots of traffic and waist deep grass made finding fresh sign kind of tough but i got trail cams set up and will...