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    Good Luck

    Good morning! I would like to wish everyone good luck in their hunts! That being said.... Hunters: when hunting on lease roads, please be aware that there are people out there not hunting and trying to do a job. Please pay attention and don't run them off the road while tracking from the...
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    Preserving techniques

    Hi good to talk to the community! I have used the salt and borax technique to preserve turkey tails, snake skins and the like but I've never used it on something like a bear deer or elk hide. Will salt, and borax work on those too, or will I lose all the hair?
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    Crawdad boil

    We caught about 50 of the mudbugs I cooked em with corn, red potatoes, and mushrooms.
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    A message to all hunters

    We are closing in on yet another hunting season with some people already doing late summer early fall hunts. First, I would like to wish each and every single one of you the best if luck! Second, I would like to remind you all to be careful, and mindful of other drivers on lease roads, and...
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    Independence Ranch hog hunt.

    So apparently I won an Independence Ranch hog hunt. I remember putting my name in for such a drawing on the assumption that I wouldn't win. But now that I've actually been drawed I'm wondering if any one knows anything about these guys. I mean they have a nice website but that dont say much...
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    Bear hunting tips

    So it's looking like the odds of me drawing out are slim to none. So I'm going to fall back on a bear hunt . Even if I do draw out I'm still getting a bear tag. Never the less I want the best odds of punching my tag and I need all the help I can get. The unit and state is bear unit 2, new...
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    To all those that got a N.M turkey tag congrats! Except yall who got unit 2 carson forest tags you took mine!!! Just kidding congrats to yall too.
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    A few messages to all hunters

    Message #1: I wish each, and every hunter east coast, to west coast, man, woman, black, white, and purple, young, and old the best of luck on all of your hunting endeavors! Big game, or small game, have fun, and harvest your limits! Message #2: Be aware that if you are hunting on county, or...
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    Coot hunting in nm

    So like javilina, carp, and black bear I have heard mixed reviews on coot. Some say it's great, the others say its horrible. I'm hoping to find out for my self. I live in the farmington area of new mexico, and would like to hunt some coot, I just don't know where I can. Any advice please?
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    Just a bull snake

    Just a little bull snake :D
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    Yes, Eastmans is all about hunting success stories. But we all know that for every success, there is a lot of failure. Lets hear some of these stories. By the way this is for nothing more than a laugh. I'll go first. During hunting season of 2015, I was invited to go archery turkey hunting on...
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    Nm grouse country

    So I live in north west New Mexico and would really like to try my hand at grouse hunting. From what I've read I'm not in a good spot to hunt them here so I was wondering if there might be a good day trip place I might could go and be successful at it.
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    Fleas on rabbit and squirrel

    September is coming up fast and I'm wanting to take my 4 year old rabbit and squirrel hunting before it gets too cold. Thing is rabbits and squirrels stand a chance at carrying the plague. Is there any thing that can be done to mitigate this?
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    Strategy for a buffalo hunt

    So right. If yall can't tell I'm a novice hunter. I'm getting better but still I'm new to the sport. But upon reading hunting magazines and eating meat I have decided I would like to hunt a buffalo/bison just once. There are no opportunities here in New Mexico so it would have to be out if...
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    Unit 2 turkey tips

    So I have an over the counter New Mexico turkey tag I don't have much time or money to travel so hunting in unit's 2A, 2C and the northern part of 7 are my only options. I've been getting skunked in the places it was suggested I look by other hunters and was hoping a semi anonymous hunter on...
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    Reloading hicup

    Ok, I've started to reload my own ammo and it's been interesting. I've gotten to where I'm not crushing the brass and or flattening the shoulder. Now like one or two out of twenty bullets loaded fall into the brass. I'm following the directions in the books and paper work in the dye's but the...
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    My dad was a road hunter

    So, I am relatively new to hunting, I mean real hunting. See my dad (I think he tried his best) was intermittent during my youth in teaching me how to hunt and fish. In fact I can count on two fingers how many times we went hunting after getting my hunters safety license and both times was...