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  1. 7shot

    Dogs Barking

    So, I'm at the computer on this forum, and my dogs are barking. So I step outside and hear a coyote howling. I get my binos from the truck and start glassing the hillside up from the house. Sure enough, there is a big yote on a rock howling once in a while. So I grab the 7 mm WSM, sand bag...
  2. 7shot

    2016 Antelope Thread with Pictures

    Here is my son Brandon with his first Antelope shot in Wyoming.
  3. 7shot

    Sporting Dog Customer Service

    Just a positive experience with Sporting Dog Company. I have a electronic collar with GPS unit for my pointers and it started acting goofy. I thought it was a battery not holding a charge, so I sent it in and in 3 weeks, they sent me a brand new unit with 2 collars. Mine was just a single...
  4. 7shot

    300 win mag

    Sweet looking gun!! Great groupings as well. I love my 7 mm WSM with 180 gr. berger VLD. Loaded with 64 gr. of H 4831, fed match primers and Norma brass. Here is a 5 shot, 200 yard group. I have it set up to shoot just a bit left at 200 and then with spin and coriolis effect, the bullet is...
  5. 7shot

    Scouting ??

    Scouting can be year round. Google earth is a great place to start. From there I will mark places I want to check out. I scout from a truck or rig from a high vantage point and verify that the terrain looks good. I am not only looking for animals, but for what will bring them there, (Food...
  6. 7shot

    Exit Wounds..lets see them.

    Here is a bear that I shot a few years ago. 7 mm wsm from 640 yards, shooting a berger 180 gr. vld. Did not go far at all.
  7. 7shot

    Scouting 2016

    Went out looking around and got this shot of a couple bulls from about 1 mile in the 95 mm swaro and cell phone scope. Bulls are shedding velvet the one in front had white antlers and the bull in back was still in velvet. My friend asked, "why you packing that big spotter and heavy tripod?"...
  8. 7shot

    Best phone to spotting scope device

    You are right, I don't have a case on my phone, so the phone scope works great. also great point on the delay. Go to settings in your camera mode, find timer and set it for 2 or 3 seconds and it will keep your pictures clear. I have the Samsung S5 phone / great camera and video. This...
  9. 7shot

    Let's SEE EM! Arrow Groups!

    I have been shooting 5 days a week. I usually shoot 12 to 20 arrows depending on my shooting, the wind and how hard I lifted weights that day. Here are 2 three shot groups, one from 90 yards just drifted right. The group from 100 yards was about 3 inches low. It is amazing how wind or...
  10. 7shot

    Scouting 2016

    I got out myself scouting and found some nice herds of elk. Also lots of cows and calves. All the bulls were in groups of 2 to 7 no monsters, but one that would go 310 to 320, but it was too dark to get a good pic Here is a herd we found 122 elk one spike in the group and a ton of calves...
  11. 7shot

    Scored on some Swaro's

    Welcome to the "Bright side" I agree the Swaro's are worth it. I paid 2400$ last year for the EL HD 10x42. I put them on a tripod and was spotting bears last spring at 2 and 3 miles away. I now have the 65 and 95 spotter scope and they are great. The 95 is unreal and the 65 is great for...
  12. 7shot

    How do you carry your optics when bowhunting elk?

    I use a Sitka Bino harness - it rides close to the chest, won't open up because it can zip or has a magnet closure at the top also. I keep it 3/4 zipped then can open it easily and often when hunting. If it rains or snows or I'm on a dusty trail or 4 wheeler, I zip it completely closed and my...
  13. 7shot

    What have you done today to prepare for this fall?

    Got up early and lifted weights with my sons football team. it was leg day. Came home, worked. Got 2 packages today, a Kelty 20 degree down sleeping bag weighing in at 2.2 pounds - very nice. Another package came and it was from Wilderness Athlete - Hydrate and Recover Drink mix, Ultimate...
  14. 7shot

    Idaho unit 45 Muley Info.

    Agreed, the unit is not a fraction of what it use to be. Too many tags sold, muzzle loader season, doe seasons, cow and bull elk seasons. It is now shorter too and in some years, the big migratory deer show up the last few day of the season. It used to be a trophy deer area, now it is full of...
  15. 7shot

    Advice for a bad glasser...

    I love a tripod and good glass, my spotter is set up as well to really zoom in on a spot that looks interesting. Next is take a chair/cushion or something to save your butt. You need to be comfortable to last a long time while glassing. I susually take an air filled duck hunting cushion that...
  16. 7shot

    Getting Close

    I have had the Llamas for 2 years. I have a good friend that has hunted with them for years and I like how they are. The only drawback from a horse/mule is that they don't pack as much and you can not ride them. All other variables fall heavily in favor of Llamas: less $, less vet $, no...
  17. 7shot

    Bear hunt question

    I think you need to see if there are patches of unburned trees still in the area. If it was wiped clean my a burn, then I would assume less bears would be in the area. I love to hunt open areas that are loggged or just open grass hillsides, but there needs to be some draws that are timbered...
  18. 7shot

    Huntin Rigs

    I usually load about 50 lbs on each animal and hike as far into the country as I can. I use a 2 horse trailer and F150 Ecoboost to get there. I set up a simple waterproof tent, stake out the animals and hunt some great country. I am jealous of a few of your set-ups - very nice accommodations.
  19. 7shot

    Share Up Your Favorite Muley Photos!

    Buck in the corn - scored 186" 5x6 and 32 wide.
  20. 7shot

    Almost Spring !

    A few more pictures