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  1. 7shot

    Dogs Barking

    So, I'm at the computer on this forum, and my dogs are barking. So I step outside and hear a coyote howling. I get my binos from the truck and start glassing the hillside up from the house. Sure enough, there is a big yote on a rock howling once in a while. So I grab the 7 mm WSM, sand bag...
  2. 7shot

    Sporting Dog Customer Service

    Just a positive experience with Sporting Dog Company. I have a electronic collar with GPS unit for my pointers and it started acting goofy. I thought it was a battery not holding a charge, so I sent it in and in 3 weeks, they sent me a brand new unit with 2 collars. Mine was just a single...
  3. 7shot

    Almost Spring !

    Here are a few photos from last spring bear hunt. I may have posted some before. It was a blast and we ended up getting both of my sons a bear. Please post any photos from your spring bear hunts, we are getting close to another season!
  4. 7shot

    Getting Close

    A photo from last fall glassing mule deer for a friend who had a trophy tag. Waiting for the fog to lift. A photo from last spring bear hunting. Found a sow and yearling cub asleep on a nice spring day.
  5. 7shot

    Archery Close Shots

    How far is your closest big game shot with a bow? I find myself practicing great distances so I feel steady and confident out to 40 and 50 yards. It has helped with kills out that far, but the ones I really remember are the closest ones. Last year my bull elk was 12 yards and my mule deer...
  6. 7shot

    Summer Muley

    Took a pic of this deer a couple days ago - he is in an area where I can hunt him with my bow. I posted this also on the Mule deer section.
  7. 7shot

    Morning Muley

    I stepped out this morning at 6:30 to hit the weight room and spotted this buck 300 yards from the house. Needless to say I was a few minutes late to the gym as I had to get the spotter on him and the phone scope hooked up. My lifting partner was razzing me about being late until I sent the...
  8. 7shot

    Bear Down

    My oldest son Mitchell shot this bear a couple days ago. He spotted the bear on a ridge then we made a plan, did the stalk and got to within 150 yards and he made a great shot. It measured 5'5" and it was also his first bear. Mitch was a great hunting partner this year. His brother shot one...
  9. 7shot

    Son's First Bear!

    My youngest Son, Brandon and I went on a bear hunt and he harvested this black bear. We were on top of a mountain, glassing alot of country when we saw him 3 miles away. We marked him on the Galaxy S5 phone, and then drove around, 4 wheelered for a while and then hiked 2.5 miles out this ridge...
  10. 7shot

    Good news, Bears!

    Here are some photos taken through my spotting scope while scouting for bears. The bear in the snow is a bit fuzzy, it was taken from over 2 miles away through the Swarovski spotter and my phone. The brown sow sleeping with yearling cub was cool to spot and there is a black sow on rocky face...
  11. 7shot

    Reloading Bullet Question - Sierra Gameking

    I am loading some rounds for my son Brandon's 270 Winchester. Has anyone used the Sierra Gameking bullet in 150 grain? I am looking for a good bullet for Bear hunting for him. I have a 7 mm WSM with 180 gr. VLD berger, but he is left eye dominant and loves his LH Tika T3 and wants to use...
  12. 7shot

    New from Idaho

    Of course I'm new, that's why I'm posting here. I like the "feel" of the comments here and there does not seem to be the "attitude" that shows on other sites. I am pretty avid in the outdoors, fishing, hunting, hiking, camping and enjoying God's creation. I bow hunt, rifle hunt, flyfish in...
  13. 7shot

    Sons Idaho Black Bear Hunt

    I am the lucky father of two boys who drew Spring Bear tags in Idaho Unit 22/31. We have never hunted bear there before and are pretty new to the bear hunting scene. I went scouting a couple weeks ago and saw one bear, but could not get to the places I hoped to go, as there was still some snow...