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  1. highplainsdrifter

    Sources of Revenue for Wyoming Game and Fish

    Here is a breakdown of the sources of revenue for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. You might be surprised to see how much they get from the sale of preference points...
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    Video of Snowy Range Moose Hunt

    As some of you know from my previous posts, my wife drew a Snowy Range moose tag. We spent five and half weeks hunting in September and October. Why did it take five and half weeks to get a moose? You’ll have to watch the attached video to get the full story. We experienced a lot of...
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    Is Wyoming Game and Fish discriminating against early season archers in Snowy Range fire area?

    Fire is raging in the southern Snowy Range. Wyoming Game and Fish has offered hunters the option of a refund or carrying over their license until next year IF they had not hunted with that license. But the "IF" part seems unfair. The notice sent by Game and Fish on September 23rd offered a...
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    Snowy Range Moose Scouting

    My wife drew a Wyoming Snowy Range bull moose tag. We made three scouting trips in late July and to the north end, one in the middle and one to the south end. The trips produced 10 moose in the north, 9 moose in the middle and 5 in the south. Unfortunately, none were quite big...
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    Video of Recent Mule Deer Hunt

    Due to point creep, and the fact that she's not getting any younger, my wife decided to cash in her preference points for an Area 161 tag. This is not a top tier unit, but we had seen nice bucks there in the past. Watch this video to see how the hunt turned out.
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    We recently returned from a photo safari in Tanzania, and I thought everyone might enjoy a video of our experience. No, we didn't hunt this was a family trip. The scenery and animals were amazing! Enjoy!
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    Governor Signs Wyoming Public Lands Day Bill

    Recently, I attended a bill signing ceremony where Governor Mark Gordon signed the Wyoming Public Lands Day bill into law (see attached picture). The last Saturday in September will be "Wyoming Public Lands Day"! We are the third state to declare a public lands day including Colorado and...
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    Question About Hunting in Africa

    Is there any place in Africa where a person can hunt with a license and not have to pay extra for each animal you shoot? In the U.S., a hunter typically buys a license and when that license is filled he/she does not have to pay for the animal that is shot. From what I have seen of African...
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    Resident Preference Points for Deer, Elk and Antelope??

    Wyoming legislators are proposing a bill that would give the Game and Fish Commission authority to develop a preference point system for resident deer, elk and antelope. What do you think? I say keep it as it is!
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    The Perfect Christmas Gift!

    Recently I got my hands on a copy of "Wild Migrations: Atlas of Wyoming's Ungulates" published by the University of Wyoming and Oregon State University. I was blown away by the comprehensive narrative, the detailed migration charts, the color photos and the potential to influence the future of...
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    2018 Wyoming Moose Hunt

    Here's a video of my 2018 Wyoming moose hunt. Didn't get the big one I was hoping for, but we had a good hunt and great time.
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    Judge Stops Grizzly Hunt!

    After delaying the proposed grizzly hunt twice, the federal judge has now decided to return the species to to the endangered species list...thereby ending the possibility of a hunt this year. Apparently, the judge thinks he knows more about grizzly bears than the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service...
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    Wyoming Outfitter Killed by Bear
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    Wondering who to vote for tomorrow for governor?

    We rank the candidates on our Facebook page:
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    The Three Bears!

    No it's not a fairy tale, I got one each of the last three years in a row...all DIY on public land in SE Wyoming. Bears are an iconic symbol of the wild. Put bears and public lands together, and I get goosebumps.
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    Wyoming Republican Who Supports Public Lands

    Wonders never cease! There is a Republic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives who supports public lands. He is running against Liz Cheney. He has experience as natural resource adviser for Gov. Herschler and Gov. Sullivan. Admittedly, his appearance is a bit unconventional. What...
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    Wyoming Hunter Attacked by Grizzly

    A hunter from Rock Springs was attacked by a grizzly while hunting in NW Wyoming...
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    Public Lands Constitutional Amendment Proposed in Wyoming

    As you may have heard, a handful of Wyoming legislators are proposing a Public Lands Constitutional Amendment that would pave the way for federal land transfer sometime in the future. They first proposed the amendment at a committee meeting in Riverton on November 9th. Nearly 100 citizens voiced...
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    Threat to Federal Lands in Wyoming

    I have posted some of this information in the "Wyoming" section, but since Wyoming's federal lands belong to all Americans it is worth posting here as well. Seven misguided members of the Wyoming Legislature are proposing an amendment to the Wyoming Constitution that would pave the way for...
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    Rally for Public Lands in Casper

    There will be a rally for public lands in Casper this Saturday, November 5th. Please consider attending to show your support for keeping federal lands in federal hands. There will be keynote speakers, food and music. Plus the weather forecast is good! If you have been out enjoying our federal...