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  1. Ikeepitcold

    2022 Eastmans' Deer Success Thread / Journal Submission

    Agreed! This is always my favorite thread of the year.
  2. Ikeepitcold

    Daughters first bull

    Make sure you send these into Todd Helms!
  3. Ikeepitcold

    Daughters first bull

    Congratulations! That’s a great bull
  4. Ikeepitcold

    Huge WY Non-Typical Taken

    Crazy big. This is all over the socials
  5. Ikeepitcold

    Looking for Idaho Elk hunting partner/group/guide - Bannock A Sept 15th - 30th

    Agreed 100%! I personally would never pull the trigger on a bull solo if I was more then a mile or two away from the truck. They are huge, heavy and not to mention the possibly of getting hurt. For me it’s not worth it.
  6. Ikeepitcold

    Taking off in the morning... (2022 AZ Elk hunt)

    Good luck! Get a big’n
  7. Ikeepitcold

    Colorado Elk - And so it begins.

    Good luck! Post photos
  8. Ikeepitcold

    Wife’s First Coues

  9. Ikeepitcold

    2022 Eastmans' Antelope Success Thread / Journal Submission

    By the way those are not my legs in that last group of photos! Lol I don’t wear white socks let alone short ones! Plus that guy is short! Haha My buddy came out on day 3 to give me a hand. The only other buck I was going to go after was in the middle of hell 2 miles in a flat with 10 does. I...
  10. Ikeepitcold

    2022 Eastmans' Antelope Success Thread / Journal Submission

    I had a great hunt this year for sure in Nv! Killed my best buck to date after passing many other smaller low to mid 70” bucks. Day 4 I found this guy and loved how tall he looked and also being the biggest I found the stalk was on! 940 yards down to the last bush I could crawl to for a shot was...
  11. Ikeepitcold

    Speed Goats on the brain

    Very nice bucks fellas! I leave tomorrow to try my hand again for another buck myself. A week in a area I know very well and can hold some great bucks and a full 10 days solo to get it done!
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    Burn Pits.

  13. Ikeepitcold

    Tomorrow's The Day

    Good luck buddy!
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    Removable blades or fixed blade?

    I use both. Removable for skinning and quartering and fixed blade as utility.
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    New Member

    Hey Welcome to the forum
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    New member

    Welcome to the forum