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    I love Merriams

    Got a chance to head back to one of my favorite places this spring and chase merriams. They got 14 inches of snow the day I got there, with drifts 2-3 feet in some places. I was unable to get into my spot in SD or WY the entire week, so I had to audible to the southern portion where I’ve never...
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    Vortex viper 20-60x80

    For sale: vortex Viper 20-60x80. Barely used. $700 shipped. Venmo/FB pay
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    Interesting bullet

    Breaking in the 10 mm and found this one that slipped past QC.
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    Bonus Points

    I checked out Nevadas website today and went through the second draw process just to get familiar with it. I thought I read that bonus points stopped being sold mid may but on the application it allows me to buy an antlered mule deer point? Anyone familiar with Nevada care to chime in and let...
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    Same setup for whitetail

    I bowhunt a lot for whitetail in Virginia. I got the idea to take my bow out to wyoming for the first couple of days of rifle season in October and then use the rifle if it doesnt work out for me. Do any of you guys that hunt both use the same setup for mule deer and whitetail? Same broadhead...
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    Elk Rifle

    Picked up my first “elk” rifle today. Tikka T3x in 300 win mag. Now I just need to find some ammo for it and figure which load would be best for elk.
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    Rolling out

    Hopping in the truck for the 29 hour drive. If y’all see a ruby red f150 in region R make sure you stop and say hi. :cool:
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    Getting antsy

    Leaving from Virginia in mid October for my first mule deer hunt. I've read every thread I can find about where ill be going and poured hours into google earth, on x, and the Wyoming website. Been successful keeping my mind off it most of the summer but being less than a month away makes it...
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    Mule Deer

    Assuming I'm successful on my mule deer hunt this fall, where would yall suggest taking a deer to be processed in region R? Ill keep the tenderloins seperate, but plan to get the whole animal processed. What do yall like to get made out of your mule deer?
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    Corn fed whitetail.

    Made some sloppy does tonight with some corn fed Ohio whitetail. One of my favorite ways to eat these things.
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    Flyway difference?

    Plan on doing a little duck hunting in mid or late October out in Wyoming next season. Here in Virginia, we only have a 4 day season in October. There may be some wood ducks and some teal if you’re lucky that will be around for that small split. What kind of ducks should I expect for mid October...
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    Duck hunting

    Planning on a trip this coming season for mule deer in Wyoming. Depending on which area I get drawn, Ill either be showing up a couple of days early to hunt the central flyway or staying a couple of extra days to hunt the pacific. Having issues finding the answers to some questions so I figured...
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    Black hills

    Did anyone hit the black hills this year? Thinking of making a return trip next year and was wondering if you saw lots of Jakes/birds this season? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    General Wyoming questions

    Hey guys, planning a mule deer hunt for next season and had a few questions I haven?t been able to find the answers to. If y?all could help out I would greatly appreciate it. First, WSA?s... are you able to drive in them? I seem to remember reading that there is no driving in them but can?t find...
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    Preference points

    Delete Delete delete
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    Eastmans M.R.S book

    Has anyone received theirs yet? I ordered one at the end of october and it still hasnt arrived. Was just curious If im the only one.
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    Wyoming trip

    Had a week to travel Wyoming after my hunt. Here are a few of my favorite pictures. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got this guy yesterday after the rain and blizzard that came through. Thanks for the advice and help everyone. Also, sorry about the poor pics. Was solo on this hunt.
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    Not what I expected

    After months of planning and obsessing over the unit I thought I would be hunting in; I decided to check my draw report for Wyoming a few minutes ago. I didn't draw the unit I was planning on hunting that had very limited access, but instead drew my first choice unit by somehow beating the odds...
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    Anybody know?

    I've been searching high and low and deep in the darkest parts of the internet trying to find a map that shows the mule deer density for Wyoming. Preferably, deer per square mile. I checked the game and fish website too, I didn't find one there either. Anyone know where one might find this map?