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  1. Muley bound

    Wild Sheep Foundation ban?

    Is anybody here involved or a member of the WSF? Got an email regarding the ban of a Bryan Martin with Asain Mountain Outfitters. Just curious of why he was banned? The email and their website doesn’t state why. I’m just curious why he’d get banned. I have no idea who he is. Looks like he does a...
  2. Muley bound

    Returned tag

    Well I was able to scoop up a returned general deer tag for Unit 58. Never been there, just driven through on Hwy 28 I believe. Anybody have any insight there for deer? My understanding it’s a better elk area than deer. But I wanted a tag, so I grabbed it. It appears to be national forest on...
  3. Muley bound

    Happy 4th

    Happy 4th fellas! Just remember freedom isn’t free! Let’s think about how this nation was founded and how we can keep it!
  4. Muley bound

    Happy Fathers Day

    Happy Father’s Day to all! Make it a good one!
  5. Muley bound

    Traditional archery question

    Any guys on here recurve or longbow guys? I picked back up a recurve and really want to hunt this year with it. It’s really fun to shoot. The recurve is what I started on when I was 10 years old, but obviously got into the compound bow. My question, do you guys tend to go with a heavier...
  6. Muley bound


    So it’s my wife’s and I 11th wedding anniversary. I went and bought her a .308 in a compact model. I think it’s a great all around cartridge for her, especially in the compact model. She’s a smaller girl, fits her great. She’ll be drawing her bear tag next year and it’ll be great. I think I’m...
  7. Muley bound

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to everybody and their families!
  8. Muley bound

    District changes

    I seen Montana was changing some districts by combining some and changing some to general vs draws. Wonder what affect this will on those areas? Maybe over crowding, less quality? What’s everybody’s thoughts on this?
  9. Muley bound

    Sidearm preference

    When carrying a sidearm, especially in grizz country, would you prefer a revolver or a handgun? Question being, I have a .44mag revolver and a .45 Kimber handgun. Obviously the .44mag has a lot more power, but being a revolver, not as fast of shooting capability. Not that being charged by a...
  10. Muley bound

    2022 controlled hunt

    I’m thinking this year for the control hunt, I’m just going to put in for a cow tag. Now I’m just deciding on a unit to key in on. I was looking at a bunch of units and the odds look pretty decent for some of the draws vs the long shot of bull tag. Just need a tag to get me on the mountain!
  11. Muley bound

    2022 hunts!

    I know it’s early, but it’s snowing sideways here and I got nothing else to let’s here what everybody has planned for 2022 so far! My plans: - Ice fishing all winter. I bought a Banks Scout edition blind/shanty. Will be awesome for bringing the kids out and keeping them warm and...
  12. Muley bound

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to everybody and their families!
  13. Muley bound

    NR hunting pressure

    Question for you guys: With the limited general tags for non residents now, does it appear this action has lowered the pressure in the general season or no? At the rate the general tags sell out, it would appear that the demand is pretty high! So wondering if limiting the tags is actually...
  14. Muley bound

    General season

    Well.....I missed out yet again on a general season tag!!! Crazy how fast them things sell out. I was busy at work and didn’t have time to sit on the web and wait from the get go. Guess I’ll be banking on the controllers hunt apps!
  15. Muley bound

    Got my Desert Ram back!

    Got my Desert Sheep back today. Turned out pretty good I think. Weird thing was suppose to be delivered last month, but ended up coming this morning. Exactly one year to the day of my dad passing. The whole reason why I have this sheep. I can only thank my dad, and he’s always looking...
  16. Muley bound

    Trapping ban

    Just read a news article that stated that trapping is now banned on public land? Is this true?
  17. Muley bound

    General seasons

    This is kind of a dumb generic question. With the control hunt app period starting and applying for the tags we will never draw!!!! I try to hunt the same or adjoining units to learn them the best I can especially being from out of state. I’ve always leaned towards the archery side so there’s...
  18. Muley bound

    One last gift

    Well, I received one last gift from my dad that passed away in November. He had won a desert bighorn hunt in Mexico. Obviously he wasn’t able to go, but I was able to take his place. There aren’t even the words that tell you how I feel and how blessed I am for this opportunity. It was a hunt of...
  19. Muley bound

    Rain jacket

    What’s everybody runnin for their rain jacket? I’m going to upgrade my old wore out cheap one. They’re all expensive, so if I’ve spending the money, I want it to be durable. I have the Kuiu axis which is very good at repelling water and snow. Wore it multiple times in complete crap snow and mix...
  20. Muley bound

    Idaho proposed season changes

    Received the email from Idaho Fish and Game on the upcoming season proposals and changes. Submitted my opinions. As a non resident, might not mean a whole hell of a lot. But I at least I have placed my input.