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    WTB brass for 300 RUM

    Hello, I'm looking to buy some new or used brass for 300 RUM (300 Remington Ultra Magnum). PM me with what you have and your price. thanks
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    Sitka Stormfront gloves size L

    For sale: New Sitka Stormfront gloves size large. Tags still on gloves. Optifade, see photos for details. $100.00 shipped to your door. I accept Paypal or checks, thanks
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    my last day buck 2016 3rd rifle season

    my last day buck 2015 3rd rifle season I had a great time this season, saw plenty of nice bucks. I missed three giants before hitting this decent buck on the last hour of the last day! Can't wait till next year. My buddy also shot a nice buck.
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    predator hunting 2016

    We've been doing good at predators lately...... seeing lots of game, missing more than hitting sometimes. shot a three leged coyote.
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    For Sale Zeiss Victory 8x26 T PRF Rangefinder

    Like new, only used one season, comes with box, soft case, and all paperwork, works great out to about 1400 yards! $400.00 OBO, free shipping (CONUS). payment by check or Paypal
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    Colorado Elk

    Had a great time this year in Colorado during the 3rd rifle season. We didnt draw deer tags but decided to go for only elk anyway. There was four in our party, three filled their tags with two bulls and a cow, nothing big but great eating! The fourth hunter had a long shot at a bull but...
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    2014 Bobcat thread

    went out looking for coyotes and low and behold a bobcat showed up to my surprise! prettiest cat I've taken! We also called in 3 coyotes but didn't get them, maybe next time!
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    2014 D14 buck Season

    Thought I'd start a new thread, I placed my cameras out two weeks ago and plan to check them this weekend. I saw lots of buck tracks every where I went, so looks like its going to be a good year again.
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    GoPro Hero 2

    I have a brand new still in the box GoPro HD Hero 2, video camera $140.00 TYD.
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    Wanted to Buy Brass

    Hello folks, I'm looking to buy some of the following brass for my rifles. Can't seem to find any in stock and starting to run low in supply. If your interested in selling, just send me a PM with what you have and how much you want for it. I'll even consider once fired brass. thanks 300 RUM...
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    7mm Gradle Express brass, cartridges, and dies

    Hello, I'm looking to buy any brass, loaded cartridges, and dies for the wildcat 7mm Gradle Express (Rimless). Need help on where I can find some for sale. thanks
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    Best Bobcat and Fox caliber and bullet for least pelt damage

    Hey guys just wondering what works for you. I'm looking to find a bullet that works for bobcats and Fox, but does not tear them up bad. I'm trying to save the pelts for mounting purposes. The bobcats we have shot with ballistic tip and V-max bullets have put some good size holes in them. The...
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    California Predators

    Got my first dog for the year with a coyote challenge....also called in a few with a distressed cottontail. Had a great time we called in 15 coyotes in one nights time and managed to only take 3. Yea u guessed it, lots of missing going On one stand we had 5 coyotes running in one...
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    Conservation stamp

    anyone know if I have to buy a conservation stamp to hunt antelope in Wyoming unit 71 buck.
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    Old Dad Mtn / Kelso Peak sheep hunt

    My buddy who is 77 years old was drawn for this once in a life time sheep tag and asked me to assist him on this hunt. He can not afford to hire a guide, so I'm excited about helping him, but also a little stressed because I never hunted sheep myself. Just wondering if anyone here can provide...
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    Big Bear Lake Carp Round-up

    JFI, Big Bear Lake is having a Carp round-up on June 22-23 you can go to to sign up for the competition. Should be lots of fun and great practice for you archery folks. If any one wants more info send me a PM with your email and I'll send you the details. The flyer was too...
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    22 competition shooting matches

    Hello Comrades, I'm getting into .22 caliber competition shooting matches (3 position), and was wondering if anyone on here has any experience with it. I'm in the market for a used rifle and not sure which make or type will be best to start out with. I want a rifle capable of putting them into...
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    Javelina Spring Hunt 16A

    Anyone gonna go out for Spring Javelina, I'm thinking about buying a left over tag in Unit 16A. I used to see them while lion hunting on the Laughlin Ranch (15 years ago). Back then they didnt have a Javelina season in that area. Anyone hunt this unit before and if so, how was it?
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    California Lost to the Antis

    Gov. Brown signed Bill SB1221, last week to ban hunting with hounds for Bear and Bobcat in our wonderful State of California :mad:. Wonder what will be next.
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    Just got back from Wyoming Antelope Hunt

    Just got back from Wyoming and had a great time. Saw lots of goats and we all filled our tags. It was our first Antelope hunt, and man its tuff trying to decide on which buck is the biggest!! We past on many before we decided to take these, anyway we are very happy with the first Lopers we...