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  1. ulmer

    First WY. deer hunt

    First deer hunt in WY. Started out just scouting trying to figure out where the deer even move to and form. First night just sat up on a good glassing point on public land watching a hay field next to corn. The deer all when out the other side of the corn was kinda funny watching all the deer...
  2. ulmer


    My name is Jordon im from fullerton nd. Now live in jamestown nd. All my hunting has been in nd. deer rifle/bow, duck, goose ,phesant, coyotes Untell last weekend where 4 of us had gone to wy. On a seed goat unit 114 type 6 tags. We filled 6 out of 7 tags. I Like this form have...
  3. ulmer

    Elk hunting wy. units 49,47

    We are new to hunting wy. And are sending in for cow elk tags for unit 49 or 47 was just wondering if any one has any info on them befor we send in I know we have to have them in by Jan.31st