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    Zone D14 Deer

    Very nice buck!! I have hunted the Malibu Beach area before approximately 20 years ago with a bow and seen some dandy bucks. I hunted the area behind Pepperdine University. It's all posted now and owned by a movie director.....bummer. We have taken some giants in the San Bernardino Mtns just...
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    Zone D14 Deer

    Here are some more pictures of some "Zone D-14 trophies" yea I know they are small compared to Rocky Mountain Mulies, but hey what do you expect from Southern California... were lucky they still sell us deer tags. lol
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    Zone D14 Deer

    I went out scouting a new area and placed some trail cameras out. I was able to obtain some pictures of a decent buck that survived the season, I can't for the 2018 season!
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    Zone D14 Deer

    Here are some D14 trail cam photos:
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    WTB brass for 300 RUM

    Hello, I'm looking to buy some new or used brass for 300 RUM (300 Remington Ultra Magnum). PM me with what you have and your price. thanks
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    anyone Hunting D8 deer?

    My buddy shot this 5x3, buck in Zone D-8, last year.
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    Sitka Stormfront gloves size L

    For sale: New Sitka Stormfront gloves size large. Tags still on gloves. Optifade, see photos for details. $100.00 shipped to your door. I accept Paypal or checks, thanks
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    my last day buck 2016 3rd rifle season

    my last day buck 2015 3rd rifle season I had a great time this season, saw plenty of nice bucks. I missed three giants before hitting this decent buck on the last hour of the last day! Can't wait till next year. My buddy also shot a nice buck.
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    predator hunting 2016

    here are several more......
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    predator hunting 2016

    We've been doing good at predators lately...... seeing lots of game, missing more than hitting sometimes. shot a three leged coyote.
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    For Sale Zeiss Victory 8x26 T PRF Rangefinder

    Like new, only used one season, comes with box, soft case, and all paperwork, works great out to about 1400 yards! $400.00 OBO, free shipping (CONUS). payment by check or Paypal
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    The Tax Day Giveaway!

    I assisted my buddy in taking this 2014 California Tule Elk in 95-100 degree temps!! It would have been great to have the yeti coolers.
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    Colorado Elk

    Had a great time this year in Colorado during the 3rd rifle season. We didnt draw deer tags but decided to go for only elk anyway. There was four in our party, three filled their tags with two bulls and a cow, nothing big but great eating! The fourth hunter had a long shot at a bull but...
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    2014 Bobcat thread

    went out looking for coyotes and low and behold a bobcat showed up to my surprise! prettiest cat I've taken! We also called in 3 coyotes but didn't get them, maybe next time!
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    2014 D14 buck Season

    And a few more:
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    2014 D14 buck Season

    here are some more:
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    2014 D14 buck Season

    Back by popular demand 2014 D14 buck's taken by my friends and family:
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    2014 D14 buck Season

    Here is a few more.....
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    2014 D14 buck Season

    Hey Grimsreaper your right about that no shooting area, u gotta watch where you shoot a rifle. Got quite a few pictures on my cameras looks like a good year for small to average size bucks, nothing big so far!
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    2014 D14 buck Season

    Thought I'd start a new thread, I placed my cameras out two weeks ago and plan to check them this weekend. I saw lots of buck tracks every where I went, so looks like its going to be a good year again.