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  1. tradbowwyo

    My sons 2019 Wyoming Mountain Muley

    My son Kaden and I located this buck in early September and watched him shred his velvet off durning one of our evenings watching him. Kaden took a liking to this particular buck so our plans were set for the rifle opener. An hour after first light, Kaden once again spotted the buck before I...
  2. tradbowwyo

    2019 Wyoming Recurve Moose

    Luck was on my side and I was extremely fortunate to harvest the best bull I could find in my area. And to top it off, I did it with my Black Widow Recurve!
  3. tradbowwyo

    Next weeks show!

    Is anyone as excited as I am to watch Dave Long's hunt in Colorado this week. Can't wait. The mans a stud when it comes to high country muleys!