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  1. Team Kabob

    KC champs

    What a game to watch!
  2. Team Kabob

    F/s Eberlestock J34 just one

    Selling my Eberlestock J34 Just one pack $215 shipped. It’s been great for hauling duck decoys, deer stands, ground blinds, hunting deer, and took it on one elk hunt. Has one small hole at the bottom that is cosmetic, otherwise in great shape.
  3. Team Kabob

    Dad needs a new food sealer? Sub $300

    My dad is looking for a new food sealer, looking to see what people have that they like sub $300. I have a Vacmaster 215 and he doesn’t want to spend that much. He has a food saver brand, like me keeps burning them up. I’ve had no issue with my Vacmaster. He will use it a fair amount.
  4. Team Kabob

    Darn Tough socks

    Bought new socks for Alaska this fall, been seeing a lot of people say good things about the Darn Tough Socks so I ordered 4 pair. Work boots in this 100deg heat is a good test. No stink, minimal feet sweating, and great comfort! Will see long term how they are. These are replacing my Redhead...
  5. Team Kabob

    2019 Alaska Caribou Journey DIY

    I got a phone call a few weeks back from a friend in Alaska asking me if I wanted to join them on a Caribou hunt north of the Brooks Range. I figured it would be fun to share the experience from the start of planing, logistics and getting to Alaska from the Midwest and everything involved to do...
  6. Team Kabob

    Bino just for Kids

    Little man working the binos for the first time! Found a set of old bushnells and he took them to show mom. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Team Kabob

    Alaska guide creation bino harness

    Selling my ACG harness, it will fit 10x42 binos Camo is True timber $70 shipped Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Team Kabob

    Polaris Ranger or Polaris Sportsman atv

    Can?t decide between a sportsman or ranger! [emoji848] Tough decision, I know right. Cost and size are my only concern with the ranger. But I think the benefits are greater. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Team Kabob

    Reloading benches! Show them

    Here is the start of my reloading/ gun/ bow bench. I was given a reloading press and dies by my father-in-law, so I need a place to put it. Time to roll some 7mm. I am new to reloading, so I?m sure I will be reaching out to the veterans like CC. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Team Kabob

    Muzzleloader- issues with powder

    Anyone else ever have issues with a certain powder for their muzzleloader? I'm getting fizzle shots from American Pioneer powder. Don't know if this is because of temps, humidity, or the shelf life of the powder has been met. I have a Thompson center encore 50cal with leupold scope Shooting tc...
  11. Team Kabob

    Dress boots? No way

    I have a pair of Lowa Tibets that I decided to dye black. One reason was because my work boots have to be black or I can't wear them. Two was: I've always wanted a pair of black Tibet boots. Do I need a boot this tough for work. No, but they look good. I was a shoe cobbler in my high school and...
  12. Team Kabob

    Wild game feeders

    Are anyone of you using feeders for deer? If so what brand of feeders have you liked or don't like. I'm looking at getting two for a property in Kansas. TK
  13. Team Kabob

    Garmin GPS on sale at backcountry

    I got a Garmin 650t for $350 they have a huge sale. Put in code MAY20 and it will discount them more. Just passing it on. Picture confirms it TK
  14. Team Kabob

    Glock 21 g21 mags 3 45 acp $20 each

    Glock 21 g21 mags 3 45 acp $20 each Selling 3 glock mags 2 10rd, only used when in states with magazine restrictions. 1 13 rd mag. All are factory. $20 each Sell Or trade for g17,g19, or g20 mags Thanks TK ¥
  15. Team Kabob

    Tripod for my Spotting scope

    I just bought a angled razor spotting scope 65mm and I'm looking for a tripod for it. I don't think just one tripod will do everything. I've looked over threads on here and the internet, but I can decide on one. A lot of options out there. Thanks TK ¥
  16. Team Kabob

    WTB: Vortex Razor Spotting scope 65mm

    I'm looking to purchase a Vortex Razor Spotting scope in 65mm. If anyone has any leads on a used one or a new one discounted, that would be great. Camera land has them for $1000 used or $1200 new. Thanks TK ¥
  17. Team Kabob

    WTS: $600 Mathews Bow Helium 29" 60lbs

    Sold the bow
  18. Team Kabob

    Planning my first Elk hunt

    So I'm planning my first elk hunt for next fall. I have been wanting to do this for a while now. So seeing everyone post up elk pics set the ball rolling. Only thing I know so far is we are going after elk and there is three of us planning to go. Where I'm thinking of going is Colorado for a...
  19. Team Kabob

    Anyone have a Jalapeno and cheese Summer sausage recipe!

    Looking for Jalapeno and cheese Summer sausage recipe; anyone have one? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What's for dinner?

    White Chili! Pics to come. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk