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  1. Maxhunter

    Huge WY Non-Typical Taken

    Western WY game biologist Gary sent me this picture of this buck that was recently taken. I don’t any of the specific’s. What a dream buck.
  2. Maxhunter

    AK Brooks Range Dall Sherp Hunting Closed by Feds

    The Feds shut down Dall Sheep hunting in the Central Brooks Range.
  3. Maxhunter

    Bear Versus Electric Deer

  4. Maxhunter

    Bill Introduced to Repeal Pittman Robertson Act

    These funds definitely help wildlife management.
  5. Maxhunter

    Grizzly Attack in WY
  6. Maxhunter

    BLM Purchase Unlocks 75k in Land for Public Access

    A major purchase was for WY.
  7. Maxhunter

    WY Couple Fined $60k for Baiting Deer Boy these folks were bold!
  8. Maxhunter

    2022 WY Bison/Goat/Moose/Sheep Results

    The draw results available.
  9. Maxhunter

    Shed Hunter Killed by Grizzly

    This guy was recently killed while out shed hunting. Very sad.
  10. Maxhunter

    AZ Elk Draw 2022

    Credit cards are getting hit. I only applied for points. Good luck Everyone.
  11. Maxhunter

    Utah Bill To Limit Compensation Locating Animals

    Didn’t see this posted. I’m wondering if other states will follow suit.
  12. Maxhunter

    Wolves Placed Back on Endangered List

    I can’t believe these judges. When are they ever going to use common sense in these decisions.
  13. Maxhunter

    Wolf Killed Near Encampment WY

    This wolf was killed last Sunday in SE Wyoming. I’m sure it’s one transplanted from CO. In SE WY there treated like yotes and can be shot 24/7 365 no license required.
  14. Maxhunter

    2022 AZ Mule Deer Buck

    I was fortunate to take this buck yesterday evening. The shot was 25yds. I was hunting over water. I just couldn’t pass him up.
  15. Maxhunter

    80 YR Old Minnesota Woman Kills Her 9th Bull Elk

    This lady didn’t start hunting until later in life. Good for her!
  16. Maxhunter

    Early Secret Santa Gift

    Well I’ve always wanted an O/U and my nice wife’s bought me one. It’s a Weatherby 20ga. I can’t wait to shot some pheasants with it.
  17. Maxhunter

    ID Monster Cactus Buck

    Once in a lifetime buck!
  18. Maxhunter

    Went Pheasant Hunting Today

    Three of us went pheasant hunting today in WY. We all limited out. My buddy’s lab Bodie did an awesome job and he’s only three.
  19. Maxhunter

    Monster Muley Shot By 14yr Old

    This buck was shot by a 14yr old girl in Saskatchewan this fall. What a beast of a buck.
  20. Maxhunter

    Black Powder Hunter Kills Bowhunter in CO

    I'm not sure if this has been posted. The black powder Hunter broke the golden rule and didn't indentify his target. Sad situation all around.