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    Thoughts on Browning White/Gran/Feather Lightning

    I am looking pretty hard at the Feather Lightning in 16ga. This will solely be used for hunting upland, no trap. Does anyone have a newer Feather Lightning, White Lightning or Gran Lightning in 16 or 20ga? What are everyone's thoughts and experiences so far? Thanks everyone!
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    WTS Hunting Knives

    All SOLD
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    Once in a lifetime...ND Elk Tag!

    Still on Cloud Nine…. it was the hunt of a lifetime, literally. To re-hash this year I was lucky enough to draw a North Dakota elk tag. Because we have a limited amount of elk here, these tags are only attainable once in a lifetime. You have less than 1% chance of drawing and there are countless...
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    WTS MR Metcalf Foliage Size M

    Selling my Metcalf, near perfect condition and used 1 season. Never hauled any meat out or carried anything crazy in it. Only blemish is my brother was a dumbass and threw a dead grouse on top of it when we got back to the truck one day, so small blood stain on the shoulder strap. 4th pic shows...
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    .257wby Factory Ammo

    My dad won a .257wby at a MDF banquet last week. I know nothing about Weatherby calibers, he was looking to just buy some factory ammo to use on deer and antelope. Anyone have some recommendations?
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    WTS Alaska Guide Gear Hybrid Bino Pack $75 Shipped

    Selling my Bino Harness Excellent Condition. Cipher camo. Used one season, no stains or anything. Worked great on my Vortex 10x42 Talons just going a different route! PayPal or Venmo would be preferred can ship tomorrow!
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    Single Action Revolver

    Hey any of you revolver enthusiasts, which SA revolver do you like best? I have been looking at the Ruger Vaquero and others such as the Taylor Arms Co, Uberti, Cimarron, etc. Just wanting one for shooting and the fun factor, no competitions or anything. Any others I missed and which do you...
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    Favorite .357 Revolver?

    Looking to pick one up in the next few months. I have been looking pretty hard at the S&W 686 and the Ruger GP100/SP101. What revolvers have you liked? Personal experience with either of these? Would use it just for fun and carrying in Cat country as I do not have any plans for bear country as...
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    Xmas Gift Under $200

    With Xmas coming up soon and I am trying to give the wife some ideas for a nice gift for under $200. I am debating on just telling her to put it into my tag fund for next year haha. What are some pieces of gear you have bought or been gifted that are awesome? Possible things I am looking at...
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    Upland 20ga Shells

    Going to be picking up my new 20ga Montefeltro soon off layaway. I've never shot a 20ga consistently so am a bit out of the loop on 20ga ammo. Which shells do you like using for Pheasants/Grouse? I like Fiocchi High Velocity or Golden Pheasant for my 12ga usually but curious about what people use.
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    Wood Stock on Firearms

    Found this new Monte in 20ga at my local shop. Think I?ve decided on getting one. Just at first glance, this one?s stock jumped out to me and seemed to have character. Is there a certain look or pattern that people and collectors covet more? Would you say this stock is a cut above a normal stock...
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    Stock Options for Short Action Savage CL (Left Hand)

    My uncle sold me his older .243 Savage 110 CL model for $250. He doesn't live near me so I didn't get the chance to look it over before my dad picked it up for me. I got it yesterday and the stock epoxy has spiderwebbed completely along the stock. It is straight vertical spiderweb lines that are...
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    Anyone shoot a Weatherby Element? Thoughts?

    My local shop has an Element 20ga on sale for $700. Have any of you used it? I have been debating between a Monte, Affinity, A400, or this for awhile and that price point is really attractive to me for a blued barrel wood shotgun. Anyone with personal experience?
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    Black Eagle Deep Impact vs Easton FMJ/Axis

    Having a heck of a time picking out my new arrow setup. So many options out there, I think I have narrowed it down between Easton FMJs and Black Eagle Deep Impacts. I currently am shooting CE Blue Maxima 250s and I think my arrows are a bit too light for a "do all arrow". I haven?t really given...
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    Best Hunting Gift/Gear for Under $100

    My birthday is coming up next month and I am trying to give the wife some ideas for a nice gift for under $100. I am debating on just telling her to put it into my tag fund for next year haha. What are some sub $100 pieces of gear you have bought or been gifted that are awesome? Possible...
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    Custom Action For Lefty

    I am thinking of possibly dabbling in building a custom rifle. I seen Remington makes left handed actions but does anyone else make left handed actions? Or what other options would I have?
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    Fellow upland hunters, which shotgun?

    I am looking at possibly purchasing a new shotgun for upland. I currently have a 12 ga. SX3 which works great just a tad heavy. I looked at the Montefeltro and Ultralight and both look and feel awesome. I am a lefty so that is making me lean towards the Monte. Those who have one or both how do...
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    MT Deer and Elk B Results are Up

    I am a bit shocked that my group of 3 all drew our Deer B tags in the breaks. The odds were like 16% last year..must have been a lot of parties applying as we all went in separate. Now just hoping for an Antelope tag!
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    Beginner just bought a RCBS Kit looking for guidance

    Picked up a RCBS Master Reloader Kit at Gander for $197 out the door + the $50 rebate from RCBS means I got it for $147, over half off! I picked up my dies, calipers, shell holders and primers. Is there anything I am missing besides brass, powder and bullets? If I am missing anything, which...
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    Know Anything About Mauser 3000s?

    Saw this at Cabelas only because I'm a lefty. Looks to be a military barrel on a sporter wood stock with a built in cheek pad. It's a nice rifle in good shape, anyone have experience with them? It was $500. Let me know thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk