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  1. ScottR

    I want a new smoker

    Here is the link to one that we are considering. Its not a high dollar option but it looks to do what I need it to. Pit Boss Austin
  2. ScottR

    I want a new smoker

    I am thinking the Lexington or the Austin from Pitboss????? I don't need vertical at this moment because the volume of what I am smoking isn't that high yet....but we have 4 kids and entertain college students through a non profit fairly often.
  3. ScottR

    Who else is...

    Rest day for me today. Will do a solid cardio piece tomorrow.
  4. ScottR

    I want a new smoker

    Well, I’m shopping for a new one now…
  5. ScottR

    Here is a little reminder!

    Bumping this up!
  6. ScottR

    2022 Fishing thread

    Very Very cool trip! Look at those colors!
  7. ScottR

    Removable blades or fixed blade?

    I honestly still use both styles, just depends on what I feel like taking with at the moment when I am packing.
  8. ScottR

    Colorado Monsoons

    We got some good rain for any time of the year on Friday/Saturday. We had some fun with it, made chili like it was a fall day and enjoyed some family time.
  9. ScottR

    Your Best Buck!!!!

    That whitetail is pretty cool. Width on them isn't the norm so it's cool to see that there!
  10. ScottR

    Should have asked for a Warrant

    Hey gents, just a reminder to keep this civil please. It is a touch subject where we need to keep it to the facts as best we can.
  11. ScottR

    Burn Pits.

    This ties back to the bills running through Congress on veteran affairs. Huge burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan of weapons, sensitive stuff they didn't want terrorists to get ahold of.
  12. ScottR

    AK Brooks Range Dall Sherp Hunting Closed by Feds

    The ever changing nature of adventure hunting is going to be interesting for the next few years.
  13. ScottR

    Speed Goats on the brain

    I love all the stickers on that buck, very cool!
  14. ScottR

    Speed Goats on the brain

    That is a SkullHooker product:
  15. ScottR

    Shooting Bags

    Honestly a lot of it depends on the size of rifle. Lead sleds have worked better for me on the small rifles while the bags have helped me for the bigger guns that I need more space to get proper form on the shooting table.
  16. ScottR

    Michigan Bear hunting adventure

    My buddy used to bear bait like crazy, I would go over and help with unwrapping parties LOL.
  17. ScottR

    Mule Deer Foundation / Pheasants Forever

    After working with MDF here and know a few of the local guys I can say that I am a fan.
  18. ScottR

    Who else is...

    Deadlift yesterday, bench this morning, cardio tomorrow!
  19. ScottR

    Who else is...

    looks like some cool views to get there though!