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  1. Team Kabob

    Leupold Spotting Scope / Eyeware Giveaway!

    Caribou for me, as the adventure, logistics, and enjoying hunting camp with good buddies! Ohh and redemption of seeing another double shovel.
  2. Team Kabob

    Bed Cover for Pickup

    I’ll send you a picture of the cover folded on its self, Incase you haul something you need half of it off. It’s easy to pop the gas shocks off and fold it on its self and tie down
  3. Team Kabob

    Bed Cover for Pickup

    CC, they ship direct to you from the factory. Two people can I still it easy
  4. Team Kabob

    Mega Millions lottery

    I would invest in properties, businesses, trust for my kids, and donate a good portions of the profits to my current job at the Children’s Hospital in KC so they can put more smiles on the kids faces and make a difference.
  5. Team Kabob

    Bed Cover for Pickup

    CC, look at diamond back truck cover. I got the SE. you can put 400 lbs or stand on it. Coolers or deer too! 😁 Almost wish I had bought the HD. You can put a ATV on it and go. Look them up. I’ve had mine since 2016 when I got my gmc new and...
  6. Team Kabob

    Contest- Win a $300 package Javelin Lite carbon bipod + leg extensions from Spartan Precision Equipment

    My son loves his Spartan! Thanks Jake for the contest. Good form for four.
  7. Team Kabob

    Kodiak blacktail advice

    You are going to have a epic trip MCSeal2! @AKaviator where we eating when I come up in August? Looks like 17th I’m landing!!
  8. Team Kabob

    So...What are your plans for 2021?

    Ya buddy! Toss a caribou hunt on my plate for August. No better way to start my hunting season.
  9. Team Kabob

    New pack wanted

    I had a j34 went to a SG sky 5900 and Like Ice I’ve been happy. Covid dropped my western hunting last fall. But I used it a lot in Missouri and Kansas. Hauled blinds (no better way) unless you drop them from the truck or sxs. Exo, SG, and Kifaru, pick one and they have a return policy. I’ve you...
  10. Team Kabob

    2020 Whitetail Success Thread

    Wal-Matt believe it or not. He loved it but it still takes my head lamps. I have to look in the hunting bag and make sure it’s not missing. If so it’s time to search the toy box
  11. Team Kabob

    AK. Bound!

    Also watch the Alaskan air CC reward points. Might get enough miles for a free return flight.
  12. Team Kabob

    How many of you will get the Covid shot?

    I got my vaccine 💉 at 1100 today
  13. Team Kabob

    How many of you will get the Covid shot?

    I will take it in the next week or to I bet
  14. Team Kabob

    2020 Whitetail Success Thread

    My 2020 buck in Missouri and little buddies first trip to the blind with dad. He had a blast and I figured we wouldn't see anything with the amount of fun we had. Spike lee was icing on the cake!
  15. Team Kabob

    2020 Whitetail Success Thread

    Nice buck McSeal2
  16. Team Kabob

    Daughter’s big 8

    Tell her nice buck.
  17. Team Kabob

    The "New" Cabin by the pond

    nice cabin! man cave when you get the house up!
  18. Team Kabob

    White water

    Just a few for whitewater for me. Clackamas river in Oregon, Nenana river in Alaska, and did 6mile in Alaska. All of them were fun as they had different challenges and got to bring family along. The lower part of 6mile had some crazy class rapids and the hydraulics were something else for...
  19. Team Kabob

    Warmest socks or boots for cold weather sits

    Fat fingers on a small phone 📲 autocorrect got me.