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    Trout Fishing in Wyoming

    Just curious if anyone has any insight on on any trout fishing areas in The Big Horns ? I was thinking of heading over that way some time this summer or late summer to try and do some trout fishing. While there elk hunting last fall i did stumble on quite a few small creeks or streams but not...
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    Where to hunt in 2022?

    Well guys i'm looking for ideas thoughts on what to do in 2022! Hell that even rhymed :) Anywho, in 2021 i got an elk in WY with the bow and a nice 9pt whitetail in Missouri. Don't really have anything planned for this upcoming year but i'm really in the mood to start looking forward to...
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    6.5 Creedmore Ammo

    Hey guys i just picked up a Tikka in the 6.5 Creedmore and i'm wondering what you have found to be good rounds for this rifle. I will be using it for whitetail, muley and probably antelope. I will purchasing ammo, im not into reloading. Thanks. Luke
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    Womens Bow

    Just wondering if anyone has a womens bow that is collecting dust and would be looking to sell? My gf helped me out with my elk hunt and was a trooper and i'm thinking she might get a kick out of shooting maybe, she's 5'7". She's not really a pink girl so it can be a normal looking bow if you...
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    First Elk ever!

    So this was a pretty crazy last week. My cousin and i have been planning this hunt for 5 years and finally drew our tag. Well our extended family all went up north for Labor Day wknd to party etc, i stayed home to pack and stain my house anticipating the start of hunting seasons :) well half of...
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    Wyoming Elk Question

    Im sure this is a stupid question and i apologize for this but i have to ask anyways :) Do general elk tags in wyoming allow a hunter to use it for either archery or gun? I am planning to put in for a general tag for next season and we are debating on going for archery or gun, the unit i am...
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    Alternate Venison Roast usage

    Ok guys with season fast approaching i threw another roast in the crock pot the other day and upon eating it (which was good) i thought, dam i have like 15 roasts left from last year and im going to sick of them before season gets here! Does anyone have any other uses for a roast than either...
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    Oregon/Canada Vacation Ideas

    Thinking about possibly planning a vacation this fall to Oregon to possibly do some hiking at Crater Lake National Park and a few other things in the area. Or possibly to Canada to do the same at Banff National Park in Canada. Anyone have any thoughts or input on either or both of these...
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    Best Western Caliber?

    Im sure this will be a tough one and probably one thats been covered many times, but im really thinking about starting a new gun project for next season. I currently have a 300 weatherby magnum that i use, mostly whitetail and muley, but next year we should draw our bull elk tag. After shooting...
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    On or Off Nat Forest

    Wondering what Wyoming means when they state "Cow or calf valid off national forest", so you must hunt something Not on Nat Forest or Off of Nat Forest as in on Nat Forest. Seems like they could word this in a way that isn't confusing. Thanks for the info fellas. Luke
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    300 Weatherby Loads

    Guys im looking for input on 300 weatherby loads, 9 years ago I had a buddy load me up 4 boxes of ammo and im down to the last box and a half. Ive really been careful not to waste these. But with this fall coming up and planning to head back to Wyoming im considering going with an over the...
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    Light Weight Gun

    I didn't want to steal Ikeepitcold's thread but just out of curiosity what is considered to be a light weight rifle setup? I see his came in at just under 8 pounds, what are some of your guns weighing in at in comparison? Luke
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    Hunting the Big Woods

    Im sure this topic has come up before but I cant find anything when I searched for it. I started to do some aerial scouting via onx, google earth ect for an area in Wyoming that we will be hunting this fall. It seems to be mostly wooded and just curious if anyone has and tips or thoughts on how...
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    Shed Hunting Tips (for dog training)

    Just picked up our newest member of the family yesterday, he is another Catahoula Leapord. About 2 1/2 years old. Wondering what the odds of training him to find sheds at this age, and if theres a chance how would you guys go about starting to train him? Ive never trained one before but my gut...
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    Another reason to vote Republican!!

    Check out what the democratic party is trying to pull in North Dakota. Get out there and vote guys!!!
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    Wisconsin Bow Tag Punched!!!!

    Well I had an opportunity to punch my tag way earlier than I ever have before this year! I had this buck at 26 yds last Wed and he would not present me with a shot I was willing to take so I let him walk, hunted Thursday night and saw nothing, went back out and sat in my oaks Sat night and this...
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    Spotting Scope in the back country

    Guys, how do you go about carrying your spotting scopes when out in the back country hunting? I want to buy a decent one before we head out to WY next year for elk and a lot that I see come in a carrying case almost like a suit case. Do you seriously carry that around? Seems like a lot of wasted...
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    Is water a must?

    Just curious what all you elk hunters think. Ive never been out before elk hunting to WY but been there deer hunting before, last year while hunting muleys we found some elk poop and rubs on trees from im sure the rut. We are planning to go out next year to that same area as a pre hunt scouting...
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    WY Elk question

    So, we are about ready to put in for our 3rd pref point for WY elk, we WERE planning to draw a tag in 2-3 years, but after looking at the draw odds it seems like we may be able to try for a kill tag for next year under the general elk quota. It looks like 2 points is pretty much guaranteed. Am I...
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    2018 Winter?

    I haven't seen any posts on how this past winter has been out west. Just wondering if anyone had any insight? Here in the Midwest it has been another below average year for snow fall in central Wisconsin.