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  1. DABAU

    Wyoming Antelope Archery Season

    I'm leaning towards doing an archery antelope hunt this year and I just wanted to make sure I am interpreting the regulations correctly. For those of you who archery antelope hunt, I'm looking at a unit that will be a Type 1 license. It looks to me that if I draw the type 1 license, all I need...
  2. DABAU

    Got my Wyoming antelope mount back!

    I got my Wyoming antelope back from last year, I was very pleased the way it turned out and brings back a lot of memories from my first trip out west last year. Good luck to all you this year, sounds like it should be a good year. I'll be buying my preference point the next couple days and...
  3. DABAU

    Wyoming Antelope Success

    I just got back from my 1st antelope trip to Wyoming with my father and we were both successful. As many have mentioned on this message board it truly is addictive and I am already looking forward to going back. We had an absolute blast not only hunting but just spending time together getting...
  4. DABAU

    Riverton Meat Donation?

    Does anyone know a place in Riverton that would accept antelope meat in a feed the hunger type program? Don't think logistically it's going to work too well to bring our meat back(assuming we are successful) and don't want the meat to go to waste. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. DABAU

    Wyoming Small Game After Antelope Hunt?

    Alright guys at the risk of getting really far ahead of myself but assuming I am successful on my antelope trip to Wyoming this year and have a couple days left for the hunt what do you guys do afterwards? How is the rabbit or other small game hunting out that way? If it's worth it I wouldn't...
  6. DABAU

    Antelope-What dates would you go?

    My father and I were fortunate to draw Unit 74 so we are pretty pumped about it. It will be our first antelope hunt for both of us. Working on logistics and was just curious if you had the choice what dates would you go. Season opens Sept.20 and runs through Oct. 22. We will be flying into...
  7. DABAU

    Most Important Antelope Gear

    Well I just got done scraping ice off my truck here in Georgia. I don't exactly get to do that every day and being stuck at home being completely unproductive trying to get some work done, I figured I would ask the following question just to see what everyone thinks: If you had to name only...
  8. DABAU

    Wyoming Unit 74 Questions

    Hello Everyone, Yes I am new to this board and I have looked around at a lot of the posts and see some of the newbies get hammered sometimes, and rightfully so based off some of their initial questions. I'm not new to the forum etiquette as I am a member of several forums over here in my home...