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    The 2019 Elk Success Thread

    What a Toad!! great bull
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    The 2019 Elk Success Thread

    what state?
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    Last call...Mystery Ranch Giveaway!

    been looking at this gear for some time.
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    The Sig BDX System Giveaway!

    this would be a great for sure!! signing back up
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    West Beatty Butte

    I got my first speed goat in this unit 15yrs ago.. been applying off and on ever since. like mentioned find water and hunt late. Have a quality cooler with plenty of ice until you can get to town or home. dont want any meat to spoil. enjoy!
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    East Deschutes Sheep Tag!

    that upper right ram looks great as well. Good luck in your scouting. how fun!!
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    Danner Vitals boots

    Anyone have experience with this boot from Danner? I tried a pair on and they felt really good and light weight. the price isn't bad either. I do most of my hunting in Oct/Nov here in Oregon so conditions can be either wet or snow typically. Thanks Travis
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    New jacket time

    Hey fellas, the time has come to purchase a new jacket. I typically hunt late Oct- mid November here in Oregon for elk. as you guys know the weather can vary year by year. Some years its blue bird and 50-60 degree days while other years we are in the 20's with snow and wind. I typically hunt at...
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    Open deer season

    looking forward to the season kicking off here soon. Still need more rain though as the woods are still rather crunchy. Anyone been out scouting much. I made a small trip last saturday, saw little to no sign which was a bit frustrating but again that was just one area. need to head out and do...
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    ODFW hack

    so whats with ODFW getting hacked. they say no data was pulled, not sure i believe that totally.
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    2016 - Oregon planning

    I got my Sportmans-Pac the other day. I am sure getting excited for this years hunting opportunities. Hoping to for some looks at a bear and cat obviously not at the same time. Travis
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    Any First season elk hunts to report on?

    I am getting ready to head out here soon for a second season hunt and was wondering how others had done first season in your areas. Hope the weather worked out for you all and the hunt as well. Travis
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    Portland area Rifle range

    Anyone been out to the English Pit up near Vancouver? I need to go sight my rifle in and have had a difficult time locating a safe 100yrd location up in the MT.Hood NF. Naturally this would be my first choice being up in the woods. the English Pit looks like a decent facility. Spendy though but...
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    Cabelas Instinct line of gear

    Was at Cabelas last weekend and saw this gear. Is this a new product? anyone use this line of gear?
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    Gunsmith near Oregon City

    Anyone know of a reputable shop that you would take your own rifle to for various work? Looking at a trigger swap, having over inspection of the barrel and so forth. Thanks again, Travis
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    Hunting area's recently burned

    What is everyone's approach to hunting your unit when significant fire damage has occurred. Do you hunt this area actively or do you tend to move further away if you can with the assumption the fire moved many of the animals out? I am mainly thinking about Elk behavior. thanks, Travis
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    Spring Turkey

    So I want to take my son turkey hunting this spring. I had planned to go EO out past Paulina and those plans have since changed. Living in Oregon city what areas would you focus on that is with in 1-2hr driving roughly. My son is part of the Mentored Youth program so I will be carrying the tag...
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    Savage 7mm mag model 110

    I have a model 110 savage 7mm bought back in 1996 if I recall. This has been a really great rifle and has taken many animals. the one thing with this rifle that has always bothered me is the heavy pull of the trigger. I am considering either a replacement trigger with lighter pull or have a GS...
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    Steens hunt

    I have been meaning to get these posted of my Mule hunt in the Steens this past October. Awesome country and really great hunt. Was exceptionally warm with hi elevation temps in the 60's. saw plenty of Doe's and Antelope and unfortunately nothing with a set of antlers other than the tiny forkies...
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    Oregon member

    Hi there from Oregon My name is Travis. I am born and raised in Oregon. I grew up in the Rogue valley till I was around 19-20yrs old and then spent 9 years in Central Oregon, a job relocation in 2010 planted me east of Portland. I have been married for 11 years with a 9yr old son and 5yr old...