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    Shiras Moose outfitter

    I am looking to do a Shiras moose hunt, just wondering if anyone can reccomend a good outfitter in UTAH with guranteed tags. My main priority is trophy quality, I want to go with someone who has a lot of decent bulls in their area. Any suggestions will be appreciated!
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    Barneys Packs

    Anyone have any experience with the Barneys Frontier Pack of Alaska? The guys in Alaska swear by them just looking for opinions. Also their web site is a little weak, does anyone have pics of the Barneys pack? I am looking at the freighter frame and hunter bag. They sound wello built and my...
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    California Draws

    Does California have a prefernce point system or a bonus point system? There doesn't seem to be very much info on California like the other Western states. Also wondering if you can enter the draw for a preference point only or if you have to submitt the entire tag fee to apply? thanks!
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    Dall, Grizz, Moose!

    My buddy and I are going to Alaska this year for a Dall, Moose, and Grizz hunt. We have 15 days of actual hunting and are pumped for it! We are going with an outfitter as we are non-res Aliens. Just wondering about other peoples experiences and how realistic is it to expect to be able to get all...
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    Trade a hunt

    My buddy and I are interested in trading a hunt with someone from the Yukon. We are interested in Stone or Fannin sheep in particular but may be willing to trade for differnt species as well and we can hunter host for a variety of animals in Alberta. If anyone is interested please let me know...
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    Trade a hunt

    My buddy and I are looking to hunt Colorado or Montana for elk (we are looking 2013 / 2014 time frame) I know we can draw easy in Montana but not sure what the non res situation is in Colorado in terms of a draw i.e. if you can get drawn for elk in a decent area with no preference points or of...