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  1. Kickingmonkey

    Last couple of predator hunts...

    Just wanted to share some pics of some successful predator hunts down in central texas.
  2. Kickingmonkey

    Boys 1st Predator Hunt!

    I took my boys out predator hunting for the first time this weekend. We had a great time, and even ran into some luck along the way! We also called in a bobcat, that unfortunatley didn't stick around long enough for us to get a bead drawn on him. They got a little tired later that night, but we...
  3. Kickingmonkey

    Thoughts & Opinions on Units 80-81 DIY hunt

    I am looking for any information about these units for a DIY elk hunt. I have been backpacking in unit 81 and it looks promising. However, I don't know anything as far as hunting/hunting pressure in the unit itself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.