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    The depths some will sink to

    Promos pro staffer and one time Eastmans Hunting TV sheep guide Chad Schiermeier. A former Blaine County Sheriff?s deputy has once again been denied bail after being sentenced last month to at least six years in the state penitentiary for embezzling up to $86,000 from a nonprofit organization...
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    WSF Chairman Sayer behind Idaho tag grab politics

    Pretty disappointed to find out what and more importantly who was behind this mess. I guess he figured if there were more tags to buy maybe he could get his annual Idaho Governor sheep tag cheaper. Sad and aggravating...
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    FS Eberlestock J107 Dragonfly

    Selling my Eberlestock J107 in Mossy Oak Brush. Pack is in good shape with no rips our tears. Some small stains on the bottom from setting the bag down and a small blood stain on the bottom main zipper. All zippers like new. Will include the spike camp duffle in solid green and the but bucket...
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    Free Guns

    Sorry for the misleading title but I figured it would get more responces to the following question. When attending a banquet and putting in to win guns does the caliber matter? Would you be more likely to buy a ticket for a comon caliber because of ammo availability or more likely to put in for...
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    Draw results

    The back door is open and it looks like I got skunked again except for the unlimited tag.
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    Win a gun!

    Actually you could win several if you were lucky! The Wood River Chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is holding its 25th banquet Saturday April 13th at the Weaver Family Arena south of Bellevue Idaho. For tickets and directions go to and click on our event.
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    Mossberg 100 ATR

    I'm looking at getting a new little rifle. Something my wife can shoot if I can ever get her hunting again and also something I can let my nephews use and have for my kids to shoot once they get older. I generally figure you get what you pay for but considering this is going to be a gun that...
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    Muzzy Phantom?

    I just picked up a pack of these and was able to shoot them today. Has anyone out there shot them, what did you think of them.
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    Dragonfly Vs. Barbarian Featherlight

    I have it narrowed down to these two packs. I have the Eberlestock X2 and I love it but I want something for a 5+ day adventure. I can get the Blacks Creek for about the same price as the Eberlestock with the butt bucket and the duffel. The Blacks Creek would actually be about $30 less but with...
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    How to become a bow hunter

    I have been checking various forums for a while asking questions, getting answers and learning everything I could about bowhunting. I have come to the realization that although there is a lot of good info out there it is fragmented and sometimes hard to find. I figured I would start this thread...
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    Backpack stoves

    I'm looking at a new stove. I am trying to decide between the Jetboil Flash and the Primus ETA Solo. Is one much better than the other or should I just get the one that is the best deal. Is there another similar set up I should look into.
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    Arrows for bear

    I have done a lot of reading about what people think is the best arrow for elk but it just dawned on me. I could be presented with a chance at a bear as soon as this weekend if everything works out. I just planned on using the arrows I have that I was going to take elk hunting but I started...
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    Goal0 Guide 10

    Anyone have one? From the looks of it I think it would be a great way to keep from packing extra batteries. Just recharge them during the day.
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    Cabelas Alpha Extreme

    I couldn't resist and picked up a pair of the Cabela's Alpha Extreme 10x42 binoculars. They were $100 off with a coupon so they ended up being just shy of $120. I thought I had my mind made up to get a pair of Nikon Trailblazer 10x50 but when I saw the $100 off deal I figured why not? I looked...
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    Draw weight adjustment?

    I think I'm starting to figure this bow thing out but I have another question. When adjusting draw weight my manual says one turn equals 3 pounds. I assume that meens if I turn the top one turn and the bottom one turn that counts a two turns?
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    How many arrows?

    Over the past couple days while out breaking arrows, or as I like to refer to it, target practicing. I started wondering, how many arrows do I need to take with me when I go hunting? I know I will have the 5 that fit on the bow but how many more. I figure there is the off chance I will fall and...
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    I'm not trying to promote this site and if this post is a violation of some forum rule feel free to delete it but I wanted to make sure you guys knew about this site. I found out about it from a fireman friend of mine. Its is a members only kind of thing but if you are Fire EMS, Law Enforcement...
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    Bow Targert

    Last night I got my first bow. I figured the most logical target was one of the ton bales in my barn. I know when I was a kid everyone would shoot their bows at small stacks of two string bales so I figured the added density and resistance of the bigger bale would compensate for the faster bow...
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    New Bow!

    I got my BowTech Assassin yesterday. This is my first bow and its amazing to me how fast and quiet it is. The tag from the factory has it listed as a 72 lb draw weight and although it needs adjusted it feel great. Do any of you Bowtech guys know if I need a press to adjust the draw length? The...
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    Spot Connect

    I have been looking at a Spot device and just noticed they now make the Spot Connect. It looks like it will hook up to an Android via Bluetooth and let you send text messages as well as all the normal spot functions. I have been looking at getting an android and using it in place of my old GPS...