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  1. manitou1

    Help with Pronghorn.Score

    Antelope and water How often do pronghorn need water in cold weather?
  2. manitou1

    Looking for trespass fee hunt around GMU 20.

    I have zero pp and am looking for suggestions for a trespass fee hunt or if possible, info to get started. I am somewhat familiar with GMU 20 as my wife lived in that area as a youngster and we drive around the area looking at antelope, etc when out fly fishing in the summers. I am open to...
  3. manitou1

    Hello from Missouri

    New to site. Was looking for info for a DIY, zero pp WY antelope hunt for myself this fall and came across this site. Figured I better get moving on my bucket list items while I still can! An MO folks want to tag along... give me a shout. Great site, great info, and seems to have a lot of...