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    New Zealand / Alaska Hunt Swap

    In 2017 I am looking at possibly hunting Alaska and thought I'd post here to see if any Alaskans would like to hunt New Zealand. I hunt public land with rifle and bow. I do a lot of backpack hunting but also use helicopters to access remote areas. Target species are red deer, tahr and chamois...
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    Denver to Jackson Hole.

    This year I had a very successful Wyoming bow hunt and I'm hoping to return next year to try for elk and deer. Currently I'm looking at flying into Denver CO early September and driving to Jackson Hole WY via the Sierra Madre mountains and Snowy Range. I would like some recommendations on...
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    Chamois Day Hunt

    Last September I decided to head out for a chamois hunt. I was returning to a place I had hunted once before and knew that my chances were good as I had seen 7 chamois on the previous trip. The previous trip was exactly 12 months previously and the weather was the same, little wind and sunny...
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    Tahr Hunt

    This is a story, and video, that a friend put together of a tahr hunt we went on in May last year. Its a typical New Zealand tahr hunt - public land and public hut. Open to all at any time of the year to hunt. Next week I heading back...
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    Bow Deer Hunt (NZ)

    Seven years ago to the day I hunted a public land spot in the Wairapapa (southern end of the south island) and had two stags aggressively roaring. That day I shot one with the rifle. Yesterday I decided to return to the same sport to see if I could get some more late roaring action, but this...
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    New Zealand Hunter

    I just signed up and looking forward to spending some time reading reports and learning about hunting the western States. Planning to hunt WY elk and pronghorn this September. Got a general elk tag and hoping for a pronghorn tag too.