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  1. manitou1

    Wyoming outfitters tags ?

    That's because all the stinking whitetails are here in WY, displacing the mule deer! A plug here: The Mule Deer Foundation does good work, restoring, maintaining and improving MD habitat.
  2. manitou1

    Mule Deer Foundation / Pheasants Forever

    I am a fan of MDF myself. They do good work.
  3. manitou1

    Wyoming outfitters tags ?

    I wonder how many NR have Wyoming folks come inundate their state every season and then post on forums about how selfish the residents of their states are... I thought so.
  4. manitou1

    At 56 it is tough

    Yeah, at 61 I can walk by a glass of water and gain 2lbs. Awful.
  5. manitou1

    When do you start...

    I never stop getting excited for the next hunt or next season. I am thinking about next season before this season begins.
  6. manitou1

    Draw Results for the Leftover Draw

    I got yours! 😜
  7. manitou1

    Draw Results for the Leftover Draw

    Yup, got an email this morning that I drew an elk cow/calf to add to my arsenal. Going to be a busy fall!
  8. manitou1

    WY 90/10 Deer/Elk/Antelope Question

    No, we don't. Antelope are draw only. There is no antelope general. Gen elk is but a few (schit ty) areas. General deer has good areas in the Western part of the state... if one doesn't mind driving 6-8 hrs.
  9. manitou1

    Gun Confiscation!

    You use panic hardware, like in many public buildings and military installations. Locked from the outside but not locked from the inside... just push the bar and leave!
  10. manitou1

    WY 90/10 Deer/Elk/Antelope Question

    Outfitters are destroying hunting as we know it.
  11. manitou1

    Gun Confiscation!

    One answer to school shootings is cameras, locked doors, metal detectors and security guards... but man, that's too expensive. How could we afford to send billions of $$ to other countries if we waste it on our children's safety?
  12. manitou1

    Gun Confiscation!

    I would venture to say that by far, the vast majority of hunters would vote along the lines that I do. 100% of my hunting friends would.
  13. manitou1

    Gun Confiscation!

    Yeah, but you gotta do SOMETHING to help. On average, 56% of hunters are NOT registered to vote!!! In some states, 70% are not registered to vote (Texas IIRC). Pitiful. Imagine if those 70% voted. We should all be more active, politically and economically. We should be urging hunting buddies...
  14. manitou1

    happy resurrection day!

    What a day of all days! Our Father in Heaven loves us so much that he sent His sinless and pure Son to suffer torture and ridicule... and death and Hell in our stead so that we may spend eternity in Paradise with Him. What a gift of love! May you all have a day filled with rememberance and His...
  15. manitou1

    How to cook rabbit meat?

    Fried cottontail and potaotoes/gravy is one of my all-time favorite meals. Roll them in seasoned flour, brown in hot oil, reduce heat/cover and simmer until tender. To speed things up, I will pressure cook the pieces in an insta pot for abot 20 minutes, removed and roll in flour mixture, then...
  16. manitou1

    WGFD license proposals 2022, big cuts to Antelope.

    I don't know that answer, but I suspect it is: 1) to appease ranchers as elk herds get on their hay fields and wreak havoc, and 2) Recent studies show that elk herds compete with mule deer biomass/food in an impactful way... and we all know what is happening to mule deer numbers.
  17. manitou1

    Wyoming Passes 90/10: The Worst Article You’ll Read This Year - by Guy Eastman

    The cost of EVERYTHING is higher in CA! Ask (vote) and ye shall recieve. 🥴
  18. manitou1

    Wyoming Passes 90/10: The Worst Article You’ll Read This Year - by Guy Eastman

    Yeah, we OWE it to all NR to take tag allocations. 😩 Things change. More hunters out West, less game, drought, disease, over grazing, etc. You buy a pref point, you get a pref point... not a guarantee of a hunt or that game populations and hunting pressure won't change. The elected officials of...
  19. manitou1

    Tikka or Weatherby or browning.

    X-Bolt gets my vote and I have had all three.