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    Nebraska cow elk

    Jealous. Great tag! Hope someone can help you out. I know nothing of that area. Box Elder unit I could help you out.
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    17 Remington

    I bought a Ruger 220 swift in 1976. My first new rifle I ever bought. It shot great and put down a lot of coyotes. Still have it plus another I inherited from my BIL when he was killed in a plane crash in 1978. They are both shooters.
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    Boot Conditioners And Treatments, What Do You Use?

    2 year old kenetrec. Disappointed in how they lasted. Comfortable boots though.
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    When did you kill your first deer?

    1966, I was 8. Shot a Muley doe with a Remington 222 on opening morning here in Nebraska. It was still so dark I couldn’t see the crosshairs on the scope so I centered where I wanted to hit. Hit her right behind the shoulder and she went 75 yards. I was so excited!
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    Best trailer tires?

    Most trailer tires have 65 mph speed rating I believe? I was always told if you push them 75, they break down fast depending on load, pressure and temperature. I see a lot of trailers going 80 down the interstate.
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    Still has antlers!

    2 Muley bucks came through my yard yesterday. One with, one without.
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    Favorite Autoloading Shotguns

    I just bought a Browning A5 in camo, 3.5” 12 gauge for my grandson who is 16. It really feels great pulling up but haven’t shot it, it’s his gun and he won’t be back till school is out. $1400 I got it for but it was hard to find one. Wish I had one for myself!
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    Favorite Autoloading Shotguns

    Browning auto 5. Been shooting it 50 years so it must be pretty good. It was well used when I got it for $125.
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    At 110 mph, that’s crazy!
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    Ammunition shortage

    I was able to pick up 4,000 rifle primers today. Most places are out though. I think it will be a long time if it ever returns to “normal”.
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    Typical or Non Typical?

    You have to have both, eventually.
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    New Fire in Wyoming. Deer area 78 and elk area 110.

    Almost 14,000 acres now.
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    Beef Brisket - smoking/grilling

    That does look good! Better if it was in hunting camp this fall!
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    More Poachers

    Poachers everywhere. And the bigger the buck or bull, the more likely someone will be tempted and break the law. We have seen it around here too! And the chances of them getting caught out here are really low with roads everywhere some places it is several miles between houses. I think it goes...
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    Colorado Grizzly Creek Fire

    I started hunting that area about 1980. Deep Lake is one I camped by a few times. Shot my first bull just southwest of Deep Lake and took a cow with bow in 2001. Haven’t been back in there since.
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    What would be your dream hunt?

    Big muley with a recurve. Up close and it doesn’t get better than that.
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    Opening The Can Of Worms...Coronavirus...

    That isn’t good Dave. Sorry. I think it will happen to a lot of us.
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    Social Distancing - What's Everyone Doing?

    Looks like Nebraska isn’t selling NR turkey permits this year! Social distancing it seems.
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    pump action 12 ga versus 45-70 lever rifle for alaskan bear defense

    Yes, that was our main reason for going. My brother in law hunted in that area in the 70s before Dick was there and wanted to go back and visit Dick’s cabin. He read his book and had some other connections from his earlier trips he took to Alaska up on the Yukon. We spent 3 weeks in Ruby area on...
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    pump action 12 ga versus 45-70 lever rifle for alaskan bear defense

    In 2015 my brother-in-law and I took a float plane trip to twin lakes, north of Lake Clark. The female game warden met us when we landed to warn us about a black bear that was causing problems. Bill carried his Winchester 45-70 and I carried a 12 gauge SS pump with pistol grip and slugs. They...