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  1. Finsandtines

    More wall art!

    I was able to pick up my mount from last year and put it next to my 2020 deer. Post COVID has been good for whitetails, now to start planning to use Wy and Co points for Muley’s and elk!
  2. Finsandtines

    Gun/scope combo

    I just pulled the trigger on a Tikka 300 t3x win. mag and couldn’t make up my mind on scope. I ended up getting a vortex viper 6.5x20x50. I’m guessing most say too much scope but it was also a deal I couldn’t pass up. It was under $400. Thoughts? Opinions?
  3. Finsandtines

    It’s been a minute...model 71 348

    Good evening forum, It has been a while since I have been active here and I’ve been meaning to reconnect for a bit. Been working through some things and activity on here came to a halt. Looking forward to jumping back in the mix and hearing about everyone’s success this year! I was curious if...
  4. Finsandtines

    Fishing 2018

    Unless I am Getting crazy, I didnt See a fishing thread for this year...thought I’d post some pics! Matt, I know You have some from this weekend....
  5. Finsandtines

    You know it's a bad day when....

    You go to the neurosurgeon and they say you need a fusion rather quickly, then go for an MRI on your shoulder 3 hours later and have a torn rotator cuff and labrum and then see that Irma is coming right for you! Things happen in threes!
  6. Finsandtines

    Hiking near Emeryville, Ca

    Hey all, I am heading to San Fran area staying in emeryville and just thought I can probably do some hiking while there. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I will probably be out here once or twice a month and it'd be great to get outdoors.
  7. Finsandtines

    FL wildlife videos

    Both of these videos made the news yesterday here and I thought I would share. The shark guys were a little excited!
  8. Finsandtines

    Ohio muzzy trip

    I had a chance to go to Ohio over the weekend for a quick muzzy hunt and was able to accomplish my mission of putting some meat in the freezer. Despite a little string of bad luck, I was still able to get it done. I sat on the field edge where I shot a doe last year and had two deer with a dog...
  9. Finsandtines

    Processing question

    I was wondering if anyone could help with advice on whether or not I can thaw out meat, grind it, and then refreeze the ground venison? I took a doe to the processor the other night only to find out she had the flu and was not doing anymore processing this year. That left me skinning...
  10. Finsandtines

    Getting in shape for the fall/resolutions

    Good evening Eastmans members. I know there's another thread on "getting in shape for the hunt", but thought I would try something new pertaining to specifics on resolutions and 2017. As some of you may know, I've spent the last 20 years of my professional life in the fitness industry. Having...
  11. Finsandtines

    Christmas tree

    My wife came across this on Facebook or somewhere so I thought I'd share. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Finsandtines

    Youth's first rifle

    It's that time of year, and I've been itching to buy my sons first rifle. He will have one tucked under the tree this year from dad. My question to you all is does anyone have experience with the savage axis youth package? I'm pretty set on 243 and I can only put my hands on so many with these...
  13. Finsandtines

    Family hunt

    I had a chance to take my whole family hunting over Thanksgiving weekend here in Florida for the first time with all of us. What a great time. Thought I would share some pics. It's been so dry here so we had a hard time hunting hogs with dogs but they did bay one up on Saturday our group ended...
  14. Finsandtines

    Another terrorist attack?

    Not sure if anyone has seen what happened in my own backyard last night but preliminary news reports are saying potential for terrorist ties to the 50 dead and 53 injured.....we have now had the largest mass shooting in history and it sickens me anywhere but to happen just over an hours drive...
  15. Finsandtines

    Chesterfield Missouri travel....

    I am leaving in the morning to spend the next four days here and have no clue where to eat, what to do in the evenings, or maybe what is a must do.....figured I would throw it out there to anyone in the St. Louis area for suggestions ... I do know the cardinals are on the road and the blues...
  16. Finsandtines

    Antelope mount regret question

    A few years back I got an antelope with my bow in Wyoming and thought long and hard about getting it mounted but decided not to. Of course now I'm kicking myself in the rear after seeing some of these mounts. It wasn't big by any means but it was my first western kill. Might be a silly...
  17. Finsandtines

    Seeking help from all members.....

    Hey all, I'm looking for some feedback from every member on the forum for a project I'm going to work on. Who knows it could benefit everyone on here! I know hunting out west requires very good physical conditioning in most cases. Regardless of your style of hunting, or your level of fitness...
  18. Finsandtines

    Suicidal deer

    I can't believe that people would take offense to this. I feel so bad for my kids that have to grow up in our society. I for one have lost two very close friends and 3 other friends/acquaintances to suicide including my...
  19. Finsandtines

    Pork, it's what's for dinner!

    Well, I guess you could say we had a good day running some hogs.....there was one more hanging on the gambrel not in the top pic so we had 7 by 3 pm. Then at 5 this am on the way home, this 80 pounder made #8. He was no match for the 35" toyo mt! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Finsandtines

    Upgrading my optics

    I am looking at purchasing a spotting scope this year and potentially upgrading my Monarch 3 10 x 42 Binos. I've read through a lot of the opinions and I guess I wanted to beat this horse a little bit more. My monarchs have done me well sitting in a blind antelope hunting a few years ago and...