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  1. tdcour

    Muzzy Powder Accuracy

    We were fortunate enough to draw CO deer again this year for Muzzy. Last year was my first year shooting a muzzy and had a good time, but think I can improve on some things. Question 1: How do ya'll measure your loose powder for your Muzzy? I did by volume last year, but am wondering if by...
  2. tdcour

    Selling Kuiu Attack and Guide Pants

    Selling my used Kuiu guide and attack pants. Nothing wrong with them except that I've lost 25 pounds and even a belt won't keep them on anymore. Guides are a 34 and are a year newer than the Attack pants which are a size 36. The Attack pants show a little more wear than the Guides as I wore...
  3. tdcour

    WTB new muzzy

    Hey folks, looking to possibly buy a muzzy this year. Been using a buddies gun, but decided I should probably just get my own. Looking for suggestions, pros and cons of each. Needs: Iron sight holes already drilled Color isn't a big deal to me, but not a huge fan of blued in my humid...
  4. tdcour

    2018 KS Buck

    Got it done in Kansas this year! Didn't have a lot of time to hunt with the bow, but had a great opportunity on a mature deer. He came in at an angle I couldn't get a shot, got too close where I couldn't actually shoot him right under me], worked a scrape right under my stand, hung out for a...
  5. tdcour

    CO Muzzy Help

    I'm a first time muzzy hunter heading to Colorado this year for deer. I have a TC Triumph that I'll be using. Couple questions... 1. Is it worth upgrading sights? Are fiber optics going to be good enough for deer at 100-150 yards? 2. What type of powder, bullet, and primer combo would you...
  6. tdcour

    2018 Colorado Backdoor

    I know it's a little early, but has anyone seen anything on a Colorado backdoor again this year? With the online system change I would guess it would have to be a new way of finding a glitch or are we just going to have to wait and try to be as patient as possible?
  7. tdcour

    Bowtech Insanity CPX

    Selling my used Bowtech Insanity CPX. 2012 model that has been used, but taken care of. Some cosmetic wear on the limbs and grip, but everything shoots great. Draw set to 28", but it is adjustable from 25.5"-30". Its a 70 pound bow with Vapor Trail strings on it. This will be the second...
  8. tdcour

    Arrow weight and velocities with elk

    Just bought the 2017 Hoyt Carbon Defiant 34 on sale (never seen bows go on sale). I'm able to keep my current arrows which are 501 grain FMJs. I'm dropping about 10 fps with the new bow vs my old. I'm debating on whether to go down to an Axis arrow or similar, put a brass 50 gr insert in it...
  9. tdcour

    Trekking Pole Help

    I'm looking into getting some trekking poles this year. After reading about them and having a buddy have them on a hunt last year I think I want to give them a try. A couple questions, what style does everyone like (sections that slide within each other with adjustable tabs or the interlocking...
  10. tdcour

    DIY dehydrated meals

    Hey guys, I'd rather learn from other folks' successes and failures that experiment totally on my own. I bought a dehydrator and vacuum sealer to start making my own backpacking meals for scouting/hunting. Mountain House didn't sit too well with me, but I know my wife's cooking does! What are...
  11. tdcour

    Pretty funny stuff

    Here is an email I got today... no idea if it's true, but still pretty funny and definitely speaks to the pain of trying to hunt these days. Anyone who has bought and then tried to use a hunting license will appreciate this amusing story as well as a perfect reply to an over-reaching...
  12. tdcour

    How do you grind your burger?

    Hey everyone, I set myself up to process my own deer this year after several years of wanting to. Just got finished doing about 80 pounds from the deer this year, which went rather smoothly for my first time if I say so myself. I do have one question, the texture of the meat is a little off...
  13. tdcour

    Gaia GPS Topo Map App

    My buddy pointed out an app for an iPhone that has a bunch of maps and tracking stuff built into it. It costs $20 and is called GAIA GPS: Topo Maps and Trails for Offline Hiking. It has a ton of topos, so now maybe a guy wouldn't necessarily need a bunch of paper maps to take with him. I'm...
  14. tdcour

    Point Blank True Lesser Call for sale

    Hey folks I'm selling a call I won in the wingmen giveaway. It's a True Lesser call by Point Blank. We don't have many Lessers come this Far East, so I'm selling it to get it to someone that can actually use it. Since I won it, I wanted to give the forum members first crack at it at a great...
  15. tdcour

    Nemo Hornet 2P Tent

    Anyone ever used one of these or know someone who has? This thing is super light. A little smaller than most 2P tents, but double vestibules and right at 2 pounds is really really tempting.
  16. tdcour

    CO Above Timber Muzzy

    Anyone done any muzzy hunting in Colorado above timber for deer? The unit I want to archery hunt will take at least 1 point as a NR to draw, but has a decent chance to draw as second choice for muzzy. Are the deer still up high during muzzy season? I'm assuming it depends on what the weather has...
  17. tdcour

    KS Rifle Success

    Well, this year my uncle, cousin, and a buddy came out to Kansas to hunt Whitetail for the first time with me. They intended on staying 5 days, but unforeseen circumstances had their trip cut short before they even got here. Season opened on Wednesday and they had to leave Saturday morning at...
  18. tdcour

    KS Whitetail

    Well, got my 2016 buck Saturday night. He was rutting and chasing deer for 30-45 minutes before he offered me a shot. He came under my stand at a maximum of 2 yards, then chased deer in front of it allowing me to draw 4 times before he stood still long enough for me to execute a shot. Guessed...
  19. tdcour

    DeLorme InReach

    Anyone use the DeLorme InReach SE or Explorer? Thinking about getting the explorer but have some hesitations. Anyone know how good the GPS functionality is for navigation? Doesn't look like you can see topo on the unit itself and have to use a cell phone? I currently have a Garmin GPS I...
  20. tdcour

    Backcountry meals

    Hey everyone, I was fortunate enough to draw a CO muley tag and will be heading out early season to chase deer with my bow in the backcountry. This will be my first hunt off my back, so looking to learn a little here. What does everyone do for meals in the backcountry? I have read the 3000...