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  1. Eberle

    Please Help an OKC Metro Nurse Forum Brothers & Sisters, Please take a look at this & spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, Email & any & all social media. Also please Pray for this family! Thank You and God Bless You!
  2. Eberle

    Non-Toxic Dove Loads

    I'm considering going on a dove hunt that requires non-toxic shot. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions for a load? I will be shooting 12 & my son will be shooting a 20. Thanks, Bryan
  3. Eberle

    My 10 y/o Son's first deer of the Season

    My son Pake killed this 9 point with his 300 Blackout. It is his 9th deer & first of 2016. He is ready to go out again this weekend!
  4. Eberle

    Oklahoma Opening Day Youth Hunt

    It's been a rough week for me. I've built a lot of fence this winter and pushed my self to far. I got a hernia in my navel. I had surgery to repair it this past Wednesday. My 9 y/o son Pake is my hunting buddy. He was a little long-faced when we found out I'd be recovering from surgery during...
  5. Eberle

    Chronograph Advice?

    Guys & Gals, I got bite by the AR bug several months back & bought one, then built one. Now in process of building two more. Last month I bought a suppressor. It will be months before it shows up. I'm going to load up some subsonic ammo for my 300 blackout. I need some advice on which chrony to...
  6. Eberle

    Official Reloading Supplies Thread

    I'm starting to see supplies become available. In the last two weeks, I have scored on three kegs (Tac, Varget & Lil Gun). I felt like I won the lottery lol! I have been looking for two years for these powders. I've got one left on my radar, that is Accurate 1680. I thought I'd start this post...
  7. Eberle

    NE Blizzard

    I know N.Y.ArcheryMadMan will be hit by the blizzard. What other members are going to be hit also? You guys prepared, plenty of supplies? Anything I can do to help? Send you some supplies? I'll be Praying for everyone involved! If there is anything you need let me know. God Bless You! Bryan
  8. Eberle

    Oklahoma 2014 Deer Season Officially Over

    Yesterday deer season closed here in my home state. We had a great year, my 8 y/o son Pake killed 5. Two bucks and three doe, I was really proud of him he done well. Dad & I also killed a nice buck each. Hope everyone had a great season! Time to plan next year now. God Bless each of you! Bryan
  9. Eberle

    Norma Brass?

    I was just wanting you reloaders opinion on Norma Brass. I've never used it before, but I ordered 200 of them for my Son's 300 Blackout. How does Norma compare to Lapua or Nosler Brass? If anyone reloads for 300 Blackout, Norma Brass is on sale at Midway right now. Thanks, Bryan
  10. Eberle

    Opening Day Target!

    Our Oklahoma rifle season opens this Saturday. My 8 y/o son Pake has his mind set on this buck. He has been hanging around our hayfield chasing does. Hopefully he will be there Saturday morning.
  11. Eberle

    Veterans Day!

    Thank You to all that are Serving & have Served our Great Nation! May God Bless You & Your Family! You are the True Heros!
  12. Eberle

    My 8 Y/O Sons 1st WT Buck

    I've been hooked up, not much time to do anything! I have managed to get out hunting with the kids though. My son Pake killed his first buck last month during the statewide youth hunt. He is a 6 point, killed him with his 300 blackout (110 grain TTSX Barnes over 19.5 grains of H110). Really a...
  13. Eberle

    Thunder rolls!

    Wow what a game! I know there is probably several Clipper Fans on here. I like them too & very proud of Blake Griffin. But the Thunder is my team, what a game. really enjoyed it.
  14. Eberle

    My Son's B-Day Present

    My son Pake turned 8 years old yesterday. We bought him a 7mm-08 in a Savage Axis youth model. I watched a you-tube video on a diy trigger job. Very easy took about 5 minutes max. We then installed a dnz game reaper mount, topped with a Nikon Pro-Staff 4X12X40mm BDC scope & butler creek caps. We...
  15. Eberle

    Happy B-Day Jen

    Happy Birthday to my favorite Lady Hunter! Love You Sis, You were just as good back then as you are today!
  16. Eberle

    My 7 year old's Second Turkey!

    Pake killed his second bird at about 20 yards with his .410, he is hooked for sure now. He wants to fill his 3rd tag, oh boy the work begins for me!
  17. Eberle

    My 7 year old's First Turkey!

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]9234 Pake killed this one with his .410 at about 15 yards.
  18. Eberle

    "honey hole!"

    Ok Wyoming Elk is up, deadline is over. But there is alot of good States & draws coming up. Since this is not my first post, I want your honey holes! Does not matter what state or species! I would like to have gps coordinates & fully expect to kill a B&C book animal! I will even except donations...
  19. Eberle

    Caliber Recommendations for my Wife

    Guys & Gals, I want to hear your opinions on a caliber for my wife. My wife, Amy & I are in the early stages of planning a South Africa hunt. She shoots a 25-06, but would like to get her something with a little more knockdown. Amy is not a real big girl, she is 5' 5" & 120 lbs. I'd like...
  20. Eberle

    Hunting South Africa

    Just wondering if anyone has hunted or has any info on hunting South Africa? This is on my bucket list along with several others! I'm interested in killing a Gemsbok & a Kudu. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Bryan