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  1. Bitterroot Bulls

    FOR SALE Eberlestock and Kuiu Backpacks!

    Up for sale are two packs. Paypal Gift or add 3% for fees. First come, first serve via PM ONLY. Eberlestock X2 in AS NEW condition. Mossy Oak Brush. $185 Shipped CONUS. Next, a gray 2011 Kuiu Icon 6000 Bag and Frame. Very good used condition, no rips, tears, or stains that I have...
  2. Bitterroot Bulls

    Kuiu Chugach Pants Medium Vias

    These are in excellent shape. $140 Shipped CONUS. Paypal gift or $145 to cover fee. PM me.
  3. Bitterroot Bulls

    Kifaru / Stone Glacier Pack Comparison

    IKIC asked me to post up this link. I am a freelance writer, and also a staff member on the hunting website Hopefully some Eastmans Forum members find it helpful:
  4. Bitterroot Bulls

    2013 Antelope, Elk B, Deer B Results

    Successful: Antelope Deer B (Whitetail buck) Elk B How did you do?
  5. Bitterroot Bulls

    2013 Montana Moose Sheep and Goat results online

    0 for 3 here. Good luck!
  6. Bitterroot Bulls

    2012 DIY Alaskan Moose Video

    Here is a little video I put together on my Alaskan Moose Adventure. Enjoy:
  7. Bitterroot Bulls

    MT General Season elk

    I ended up finding a six point after passing on seemingly endless smaller bulls. He isn't quite the monster I was hoping for, but a fine bull nonetheless. It was a great season, and I simply can't wait for next year!
  8. Bitterroot Bulls

    New Nosler Accubond Long Range!

    Bend, Ore. – October 31, 2012 – Nosler, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of their new line of AccuBond® Long Range bullets. Developed through a combination of bullet manufacturing techniques that are unique to Nosler, the design of the AccuBond®-LR allows for the highest B.C. possible in...
  9. Bitterroot Bulls

    been away

    Hey guys-n-gals! I haven't been around EF much, with some responsibilities elsewhere and a DIY road trip AK hunt, but I have been having fun catching up on EF. Looks like it has been a successful year for a bunch of the EF faithful! Great job everyone!
  10. Bitterroot Bulls

    New Swarovski ATX/STX spotters

    Got a lot of money? Consider these:
  11. Bitterroot Bulls

    GoLite sale 50% off!!!

    I saw this on another forum, but thought EF members might be interested. Tough to beat the deals on these ultralight sleeping bags, packs, and shelters ... I have the Shangri-La 5 coming myself.
  12. Bitterroot Bulls

    How do you afford all this nice hunting stuff?

    How do you fund your hunting gear purchases? There is no doubt the best stuff costs a premium, and also performs better in the field. Here are some of the things I do. 1. Horsetrading: I use ebay a lot. Hunting gear holds its value quite well. I have bought stuff on sale, used it for...
  13. Bitterroot Bulls

    Nonresident Family Discount Tag Program

    Has anyone checked out this program? "substantial discount" - I'll say! I will be taking adoption offers from EF members. :p
  14. Bitterroot Bulls

    Swarovski's binoculars lines

    EF members, I have received a number of personal messages about optics. I like answering Personal Messages, and getting to know other members in that way. However, I thought bringing the discussion to the general forum would be beneficial, as several points of view can be developed. I had a...
  15. Bitterroot Bulls

    Long Range Riflescope showdown

    Here are the scopes I will be comparing side-by-side over the next few weeks.
  16. Bitterroot Bulls

    Bivy, UL tent, Tarp, or Bivy + Tent?

    MoHunter posed the question on another thread, and I thought it deserved its own discussion: How do you decide between a bivy sack and an ultralight tent? I know BB uses a tarprent and seems pleased. I guess I thought I would get something like a tarp or light tent in place of a bivy. Why...
  17. Bitterroot Bulls

    2011 MT Speedgoat.

    He's not quite a monster, but I had some of my kids with me, so it was a great hunt anyway. My 7 year-old boy made the stalk with me (over one mile on our bellies - no I'm not exaggerating), and my 5 year old girl met up with us after the shot, so it made it that much better:
  18. Bitterroot Bulls

    Savage 7mm Rem Mag Project

    Here is a before and after on the 7mm Rem Mag 110 I am working on. Only thing left is bedding and load development. Before: After: I like the looks of this gun. I hope to break it in on a spring Black Bear.
  19. Bitterroot Bulls


    Does anybody have any experience with this line? Ticks are just terrible in the Bitterroot and Selway in the spring, and I want to get some bear hunting and elk shed hunting done without risking the fever. I have tried bathing in deet and treating all of my clothes with permethrin, but I am...
  20. Bitterroot Bulls

    Montana MRS Info?

    While looking through the Feb/March 2012 EHJ I, once again, saw several areas I am familiar with listed in the MT MRS. The info on these areas isn't always quite accurate, IMO. I thought I would supplement the info with my thoughts: ELK OTC areas: I thought this info was pretty good. It is...