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    Mathews Atlas

    Anyone have any recommendations on an archery shop in Wyoming or Montana that can order a Mathews Atlas for me? Ive gotten ahold of 3 shops and cant even get a call back. Thank you!
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    Late Season 8

    Hey guys! anyone on here have any experience on AZ late season 8?
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    Mystery Ranch Metcalf

    Anyone have any experience with the Mystery Ranch Metcalf??? Thanks!
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    Black Hills Whitetail???

    Has anyone hunted black hills whitetail? Just randomly put in and looks like pretty good odds of drawing? Thanks!
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    Eberlestock Dragonfly J107

    Great shape, looking to upgrade. $250 does not include shipping.
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    Guided Elk Hunt

    Does anyone have any information on an AZ elk guide or someone they'd recommend? Any help is appreciated! Thanks...
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    Incredible Fall!!!

    Finally after almost 20 years of putting in for moose I drew a tag in an area where i guy i met in the back country knew. Had a long 11 days and many many miles and passed on several animals we probably shouldn't have. Enjoy!
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    Wall Tent Stove

    Anyone have any advice on a good wall tent stove? I dont want to break the bank and i prefer a bigger one that im not stoking every 2 hours throughout the night. Thanks!
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    wyoming 51

    just curious if anyone else drew a 51 tag for wyoming?
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    GPS Hunt chip trespassing

    Does anyone know what the law is on gps chips, if it says BLM but the fence line cuts some out can u cross into the fenced BLM or is it trespassing once u cross the fence?
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    Coyote Calling Help

    So I was out tonight trying to call coyotes. At one point had several groups around me howling, wind was good, set up was awesome. Tried everything, rodent, rabbit, mule deer fawn, bird. Tried low volume. Tried high volume. Anyone have any ideas what's up?
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    Wyoming party tag withdrawal

    Last night I party applied for my Wyoming elk tag and got a call today from the gentleman that taught me how to hunt wanting me to apply with him. Since he is almost 70 I'd like to re apply to go with him. Does anyone know if I can get out of my party tag and reapply with him?
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    New Arrows

    I recently increased my draw length on my bow and had the poundage adjusted; therefore, I need to buy some new arrows with a stiffer spine. I recently shot FMJ and was wonder if anyone had any other arrows that they really liked!?
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    Garmin VIRB

    Does anyone have any experience with using the Garmin Virb? How is the picture quality (good enough for the magazine if I ever get lucky enough)?
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    DeLorme In Reach explorer

    Has anyone had any experience with the DeLorme In Reach explorer or SE? I had a SPOT and the thing never worked when I was in the mountains... Any help is appreciated!
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    First Archery Bull WYO

    Finally got a bull with my bow!
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    Best ammo for griz?

    Hey guys! Just looking for some advice and I figured what better place than here. So I just returned from my first trip to the mountains, unfortunately all my buddies hunt the big horns and living in Cody with school and work I bought a tag closer to home. I went up this weekend and...
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    Opening Day Buck

    Nothing huge but took about 30 minutes and it got the rust off!
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    Antelope Decoy

    Has anyone used the "Be the decoy" hats and shirts for antelope stalking? Just curious, Ive seen in on "Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg and I think one could do just as well with all camo? Just curious on peoples thoughts...
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    Mule deer points

    Is it to late to buy preference points for mule deer?