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  1. ando_31

    Don't put all your eggs in one basket...

    Unless it is a very sturdy basket! This Goose has been nesting at my father's office. She doesn't care much for the people on the other side of the patio door and often hisses and slobbers on the window trying to chase them away.
  2. ando_31

    Sharptail grouse on stomping ground (spring turkey hunting)

    I tried attaching more photos but they all failed. I think this one was accepted because it was cropped so it is a smaller file size. Any way to put larger file photos on with ease?
  3. ando_31

    Stalking tactics

    I am curious what you guys may do, that may not seem obvious to others, to help your stalks be successful. I am a fan of taking off my boots when I get close and go barefoot to quiet down my footsteps. I have stepped on more than my fair share of cactus through the years and have since...
  4. ando_31

    Nikon ED 50mm spotter with 13-40 eyepiece or 10-30 eyepiece

    This little spotter is incredibly clear and lightweight. The image stays clear out to 40x but does get a little darker in low light conditions. The spotter is in near perfect condition. Comes with everything pictured. I also have the 10-30x eyepiece that these typically come with that I'd...
  5. ando_31

    ND muleys and whitetail

    Had a pretty good 1 1/2 weeks of vacation with one of my brothers and father. Both my brother and I shot muleys with the rifle. Both scored about 175. I also had a spot and stalk opportunity on a whitetail with my bow and was successful.
  6. ando_31

    2016 New Years buck

    Here is a goofy looking buck I took on 1-1-16. He's not the biggest but with 2 days left in the season my standards dropped drastically. Even though there was only 2 days left, watching the deer expire was bittersweet. I don't like ending my season even if the season is almost over.
  7. ando_31

    Living ND muleys

    Here are a few deer that either escaped or weren't quite what I was looking for while bow hunting. I'm going to try to make it out one more time over new years weekend.
  8. ando_31

    ND muley

    Here is a ND muley my father's buddy took. It isn't huge but it had a beautiful frame. He went 29 1/4 inch outside spread and was pretty tall as well. I bow hunted this buck the last two years and was close enough to shoot twice but I just couldn't get the shots off because of the does. I...
  9. ando_31

    How big?

    I was hunting mule deer in North Dakota and hadn't seen much of anything that perked my interest. I decided that one evening I would go to a new area I've never been before and help my father's friends look for an elk since one of them was lucky enough to draw and ND bull elk tag. In two...
  10. ando_31

    Ghostblind / quick set up blind

    Does anyone have any personal experience with the ghostblind or know of anyone that has bought and used one? Does it work? What are its limitations? I first thought the idea was outrageously overprice and gimmicky. However, last year the muleys I was bow hunting were using the open prairie...
  11. ando_31

    Just picked up my father's 2015 muley from the taxidermy.

    Pretty happy with the outcome considering somewhere along the way we managed to tear off a lot of skin off its nose.
  12. ando_31

    Nikon EDG VR/Nikon Warranty

    Does anyone have any experience or knowledge with the EDG VR scopes? I bought a refurbished Nikon EDG VR scope and I believe they sent me a view through case for the non VR scope. I have been emailing Nikon customer service and I am becoming frustrated. They keep telling me that the 85 EDG...
  13. ando_31

    Bow/user failure

    I was at the bow range last night and had a bit of a catastrophic failure. My pro shop says it was probably a user related issue. I'm not ruling that out by any means but thought I would ask if anyone else has ever ran into a similar issue. The story, as I remember it, goes like this: I...
  14. ando_31

    What is the best top of the line cold weather clothing

    I mostly hunt in ND. It can get real cold and real windy here. Its not uncommon for -20 ambient temps with -40+ windchills. Typically its my hands and feet that get cold to the point where I can't hardly stand it. So what is the best clothing lineup from head to toes...hats, socks, boots...
  15. ando_31

    2013 bow muley

    I got lucky again this year ;). There is nothing quite like taking a mature deer on public land.
  16. ando_31

    bushnell 2.5x doubler

    I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with the bushnell doubler, or any binocular doubler for that matter? Its my understanding that using a doubler will decrease image quality but may be useful for those times I don't want to carry a spotting scope. Is there any reason a person...
  17. ando_31

    Best guess at score?

    What is your best guess at what this buck scores? I have some shaky footage of him that I will also post.
  18. ando_31

    stalking techniques?

    I am curious what type of techniques people use for stalking. Obviously walking into the wind is the best advices, but that isn't always possible. I am a big fan of taking off my shoes and rolling up my pant legs walking with my toes pointed down as much as possible. I have stepped on my...
  19. ando_31

    hit what i consider a monster

    Its 5am here and i cant sleep. I arrowed the deer ive been hunting for the last week up high in the back and i have to leave tomorrow to go back home. I have about 5 jours to look for him tomorrow but i doubt i will find him. After i hit him he ran abput a half mile and stood on a ridge for 45...