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    New tent

    I'm look at getting a new tent torn between the MSR Hubba and the Big Agnes Fly Creek UL1. Looking at reviews it seems there mite be a problem with the Fly Creek in high winds. Just would like some feed back if you have used one or both of these tents? Thanks for the help!
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    MY Brothers 1st antelope buck

    My brother killed his first antelope buck on the 19th Oct. 14 1/8 in.{Biggest buck so far in our family} He was beaming fromm ear to ear so happy I was with him he insested that he pack to buck out whole so he could take some photos with our dad who was sitting in the car {His is disabled and...
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    Female Hunters

    Ok,I know I'm not the only female hunter out there so let's get a form going.i.e. hunting stories,photos,helpful info for each other ect. I'm Elizabeth and I live in Dillon,MT I have been hunting since I was 3 year old with my Dad.I hunt with both Bow and rifle and have a great love for the...
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    Sleeping pads

    I need to upgrade!Any recommendation would be great but it can't be an air filled mattress that was my last one and it popped on me in the backcountry.