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  1. Roamer

    Cape Buffalo 4 weeks and counting

    My wife myself and one of my best friends that I grew up with are leaving the 3rd April for south Africa to shoot a cape buffalo to say we are starting to get excited is an understatement. The last couple of months has been very hectic as we have moved to rifle and both started new jobs. Now...
  2. Roamer

    My wife got her first buck and I got 1 as well

    Opening morning found us wishing we had elk tags. 150 elk went by at 200-400 yds with 6 bulls bugling like mad. One was real nice 340 ish a couple others around 300 ,it was a lot of fun just to watch. Bucks on the other hand were very hard to find ,we only saw 1 in the first 6 days. He was huge...
  3. Roamer

    Opener on the flat tops

    Unfortunately it took 4 days to really find em but when we did it was a lot of fun. Heard 6-7 bulls goin at it , had them bugleing all around us. One really sounded like a beast but we could never get a good look at him. Saw a couple fight a bit and 1 sm 6 pt still in velvet. Hopefully they...
  4. Roamer

    Already got my mount back just 1 problem

    I can't get it in my house
  5. Roamer

    Ram aviation

    Does anyone have any info on this company