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  1. Umpqua Hunter

    Here Kitty Kitty....

    Just me chillin' with my new friend that I met on my son's Oregon Bighorn Sheep hunt last week. P.S. The very next day, my son shot his ram in this same canyon, less than 300 yards away. When we dropped further into the canyon to retrieve his ram, it looked like a sheep graveyard.
  2. Umpqua Hunter

    East Deschutes Sheep Tag!

    I just had to share this with you. My oldest son just found out he drew an East Deschutes sheep tag here in our home state of Oregon! He is truly one of the finest men I know and I am so happy I will get to share this with him. Two weeks ago the ODFW application numbers were assigned to our...
  3. Umpqua Hunter

    If you had max AZ deer points, what would you do?

    What would you do if you were in my shoes and had max points for deer in Arizona? Option 1: Wait out Arizona Strip (13B late rifle). Hunt for 200 to 230 class deer. Considered one of the top deer tags in the US. Low deer numbers. The hunt is to dig out one giant deer. Only 4% draw now...
  4. Umpqua Hunter

    AZ Late Rifle Coues recommendation for my wife?!?

    Hi All, I am an absolute novice when it come to Coues deer hunting but I do love to glass and have the tools to do it well! My wife's good friend lives in Phoenix and I am considering taking my wife down for a Coues hunt over the Christmas break. She should be able to draw any late December...
  5. Umpqua Hunter

    Draw Odds: Do your own homework!

    As I watch people's reactions after tag draw results come out, particular on Facebook, it continues to show me how often people really need to understand the mechanics of draw they are applying for and how to use historical draw data. Here are a few thoughts and I am sure you can add to these...
  6. Umpqua Hunter

    Want to connect on Facebook!?!

    Hi all! I am starting this thread for those who would like to also connect on Facebook. If you would like to be "friends" on Facebook, reply to this thread and post a link to your Facebook page. If sending a friend request, it would be a good idea to also send a Facebook Messenger...
  7. Umpqua Hunter

    S3 Sheep Tag in Colorado!

    I hope I am not overlooking anything but my card just got dinged for the amount for a nonresident Colorado rifle sheep tag. I applied for in S3 with max points. Hunt dates are August 12-28. I double checked all my apps and my wife's apps and there were no other sheep or goat apps, so appears...
  8. Umpqua Hunter

    Arizona Super Bonus Points

    AZGFD is floating an idea for "Super Bonus Points". It essentially boils down to this. For a few extra dollars a year ($15 or so) you can accrue an EXTRA bonus point for one specie. I understand that the money is to be used to educate the public about hunting which is a good thing. The good...
  9. Umpqua Hunter

    Game Processing within 90 miles of Pinedale WY?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a game processor near Pinedale Wyoming, or within 90 miles of there? I have found one that is starting up this year called Scott's Meats in Daniel but they are unproven. I had planned to use Hog Island in Jackson if we didn't have other options but...
  10. Umpqua Hunter

    Overwhelmed! I just won my #1 bucket list hunt!

    I am feeling completely overwhelmed and blessed. For about 25 years my #1 "bucket list" thing has been a trip to New Zealand and a hunt for a big red stag. This afternoon Huntin Fool called, and I was the winner of the raffle for their New Zealand hunt for a big Red Stag (400 to 425), Tahr and...
  11. Umpqua Hunter

    2019 NV Draw Results Countdown

    In Eastman's tradition, getting this thread started plenty early! :)
  12. Umpqua Hunter

    Which Unit for WY Father/Son Pronghorn Hunt?

    My 22 year old son told me a couple days ago that he really wants to do a hunt before starting college in the fall. This late into the application season, I think Wyoming pronghorn may be our best option and we are in good shape for points. With college starting on Sept 24, I think we are best...
  13. Umpqua Hunter

    When is the Shiras Moose Rut?

    When would you say is the Shiras moose rut, and when do you think it typically peaks? If you've observed the moose rut, also include what state that was in.
  14. Umpqua Hunter

    Youth Tag Transfer in Colorado?

    I have max sheep points for Colorado. Is there a program in Colorado where a youth can hunt on an adult's tag? There are a few of these type of programs in other western states. It's still a long shot to draw, but I am formulating my application strategy of 2018.
  15. Umpqua Hunter

    My First Columbia Whitetail

    This subspecies of deer was federally listed as endangered in 1968 and the populations in our county have rebounded to the point we have had hunting seasons since around 2003. Here is an article on this subspecies of whitetail deer.
  16. Umpqua Hunter

    Turret Type Scope for Lightweight Magnum Rifle

    I am swapping scopes on rifles as I need scopes for two new rifles (28 Nosler & 6.5 Creedmoor). I think the best move is a new scope for my main hunting rifle (Christensen Arms 300 WSM, titanium Remington short action, titanium break, carbon fiber stock). Back when I had a Leupold VX3 4.5-14...
  17. Umpqua Hunter

    Help with 6,5 cartridge (6.5-284 / 6.5 Creedmoor)?

    Hey all, I am getting the bug to own an accurate, fun to shoot, 6.5 rifle. I've never owned one. My daughter loves to shoot and I have grandkids starting to grow up. My main uses would be (in order): 1) Shooting steel out to 1000 yards, the kids and I. 2) Hunting deer/antelope sized game...
  18. Umpqua Hunter

    Credit cards are being hit for AZ elk and antelope!

    CC Hits are happening! My wife has a tag.
  19. Umpqua Hunter

    2017 AZ Elk and Antelope Draw Soon

    Credit cards have to be updated by Thursday, March 16 by 11:59 pm (Arizona time). Since this is the first year that AZGFD won't be calling successful applicants when charges on their credit cards don't go through, I am thinking they almost have to charge the credit cards the day after the...
  20. Umpqua Hunter

    Colorado Preference Point Fee Question

    My wife and I both drew Colorado deer tags in 2016. If I remember correctly, we now won't have to pay preference point fees for deer, elk and antelope. Is that correct? I'm just doing a sanity check here. In years we don't draw I buy an annual fishing license to bypass the preference point fees.