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  1. dirtclod Az.

    Leftover Javelina Tags

    AZGF still has thosands of Javelina tags leftover.Over 2000 general Javelina,over 2000 archery Javelina and a whole bunch of H.A.M. hunts.Nov.19th mail in only and Nov.26thFirst come First served.:cool:
  2. dirtclod Az.

    R.I.P. Willie

    Just found out Willie Mc Covey passed today.Great ball player and great humanitarian.:cool:
  3. dirtclod Az.

    Cat Problems

    WE have a feral cat probem and its getting worse.We raise white Doves for weddings and such in enclosed cages.Also a great amount of wild Gambels Quail and Euarasian and Mourning Doves,lots of rabbits also.The cats are decimating the wildlife on our property.We have cages and transport them...
  4. dirtclod Az.


    Ah h3l!l I think its gonna rain in Az for Real?Sky is dark smells like mud.Make up your dirtclods...I'ts been awhile.:cool:
  5. dirtclod Az.

    AZ. Bow hunters

    Anyone archery hunting this year?I'm out till Jan. OTC.Big Mule deer in my future...?:cool:
  6. dirtclod Az.

    AZ Archery

    Any of you going archery hunting next week?I can't get up north till' Labor Day.Probably won't venture into the woods in full camo "That" weekend,.The hunter becomes the hunted...May wait till Jan.Pig/Deer.:cool:
  7. dirtclod Az.

    Missing forum?

    Incorrect thread.:cool:
  8. dirtclod Az.

    Trail camera rule change

    Az.Game and Fish hosting a webcast on May 29,2018 @ 6pm. pertaining to the use of trail cameras within 1/4 mile of a developed water Questions can be submitted by e-mail to Final ruling June 8-9 meeting.What do you think?I'm all for it...
  9. dirtclod Az.

    AZ.Turkey Hunters

    Are any Ariz. hunters getting turkeys? If so post em' up!
  10. dirtclod Az.

    Smoked turkey

    I have relatives coming in to town soon.Fourteen Lb. turkey in freezer.I have smoked many things,duck,chicken etc. Having reservations about smoking something that large over lump charcoal/hickory smoke.Any ideas or "can't go wrong" ways to pull this off?Thanks dirtclod Az.
  11. dirtclod Az.

    AZ.Javelina Attacks

    Two seperate incedence in Sedona Az. where Javelina bit residence after they had intentionally been feeding them in their yards. DON,T feed the critters.Both herds of pigs were put down do to thier reliance of feeding and loss of fear to humans.
  12. dirtclod Az.


    Anyone have a really new/good wild game recipe besides shredded BBQd sandwiches? I have an abundance of Cottontails and Eurasian doves in and around our property.Need something new. Thanks dirtclod Az.
  13. dirtclod Az.

    AZ. OTC Hunt Info

    Thinking about OTC tag for Strawberry Mtn, just above our cabin in Pine.August velvet hunt. Haven't been there in years.Last time harvested nice 4 point.Noticed housing near by, but 4X4 trails still in use.Any insight greatly appreciated. dirtclod Az.
  14. dirtclod Az.

    Arizona hunters?

    Any Az. hunters out there have any luck with Jan. Javelina/Mule deer hunts? I missed three close quarter shots at Javelina in area 37B.Very high winds, extra dry.Ranchers trucking in water to puny cattle.Lots of yotes. dirclod Az.