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    CO buck

    Took a while this year to find a decent buck, finally found this guy on the 5th day... was looking for next level, but with only a day left in the season, Didn’t give him the pass. Fun hunt with some good friends.
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    My CO buck

    Had A fun hunt with the family, turned up lots of deer and took home a decent buck...
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    My CO bull

    Got him right at dark last night after an Epic day of hunting...
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    WY elk

    Picked up my buddy at 8:45, we were at the trailhead by 12:15 and got a few hours of sleep. We packed enough gear for 5 days of hunting in the backcountry. Hit the trail a little before 5:00. We were a couple miles in at daylight when we heard this bull bugle. After working him for a few...
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    Youth Hunting Opportunity - Need Assistance

    One of my best friends has a kid who is really getting into hunting. I have taken him out with me a couple times and he loves it. He is 11 and has already completed his hunters safety course. Problem for this year is that he doesn?t turn 12 until December 27th, which limits basically all...
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    10 elk points - trespass hunt

    I have been planning to burn my WY points in 2018 for a few years now. A few years ago, I was set on 45, then the past few years I was planning on 16-2, but to do it during archery season... might not draw 16-2 with 10 points, in either regular or special. I just don?t feel all that confident in...
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    AZ Bull

    Couldn't pass this guy up....
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    CO 2nd Season

    Thanks to everyone who helped out. It was a pretty tough hunt, harder than I expected. I was putting in 7-10 miles a day and not turning up too many good bucks. As others have mentioned, hot weather made it more difficult.... but had fun and made some new friends on the hunt. Good times overall...
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    CO archery bull

    Was able to stick this one Saturday morning. First day the rut was getting going pretty good in the area we were at. He was raking a tree for 10 min or so, which allowed all the cows to go by, and I made my way into bow range and waited for him to finish and follow the same route as his cows. He...
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    Wy 108

    Just have a couple access questions with regards to unit 108. Eastmans rates 108 with 70% public land, poor access, but then gives it a "B" grade for access. an "F" grade for pressure. Not sure how that all adds up? Is there good or bad access to the unit? I have a couple antelope points and...
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    Digital Subscription

    Quick question for those with a digital subscription. I have the EHJ and EBJ apps, so I can download to the newsstand, and then read the magazines from their. BUT, I cant read without internet service. I travel quite a bit, and like to read these things in air (part of the reason I switched to...