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    Next Choice

    Drawing a muley tag in the Henrys might be as hard as pulling a Zion desert bighorn tag. I've heard that Paunsaugunt ain't what she used to be. So if I get a Henrys rejection letter again this year, where should I look for a 30 incher? Book Cliffs? San Juan? Out general season area has some...
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    Zion Desert Bighorn Sheep

    Any Zion desert bighorn hunters on board? I've applied. I have a lot of bonus points. I'm hoping that luck sends a tag my way. Has anyone hunted this unit? I've done some research. It seems to be one of the top tier desert bighorn units. I have talked to a dude who resides off of Hwy 12. He's...
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    Unbelievable Sako 85 Prices

    Good Morning, Horsenhike, I think hunters read too many gun magazines where they get the notion that a .300 WM recoils like a .270 Win. Reality has a way of messing with expectations. My first big game rifle was a Model 700 in .270 Win. At that time, the '06 was thought to be too much gun for...
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    Unbelievable Sako 85 Prices

    I have purchased a Sig handgun from Euro Optic at an excellent price. Today I was back at Euro Optic looking for Sig magazines when Sako 85's caught my attention. An '06 Model 85 was discounted by over a grand. If only I needed another hunting rifle. BTW, I do love Sako hunting rifles. Either...
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    Region "G" Outfitter

    Can anyone recommend a good one? Thanks
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    I just picked up what appears an unfired and mint condition Sako AV in .270 Win. I've recently learned that I'm assuredly suffering Sakosis. I hope there isn't a cure because I could be good for a few more. Here are pics of the rifle that's in transit to me. I can't wait to get my hands on her...
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    Alaskan Moose

    Anyone hunt Alaskan moose with an outfitter that they'd recommend?
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    .284" Going In, 1.00"+ Going Out

    I saw a lot of bulls that most hunters wouldn't have thought twice about shooting. Guide: AKA: Mountain Sheep Ram (Ram for short), had us within 10 yards of a 5X5. Ram politely and with social skill of an accomplished diplomat insisted on my using my very heavy 7MM Rem Mag. 7x7 bull didn't...
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    Lead Sled Stock Saver

    About six month ago I bought a Lead Sled due to too many shoulder surgeries. Maybe this might help some of you guys. I sighted in my Sako 7MM Rem Mag with it. The rubber butt plate came off after about a dozen rounds. Then I figured out that there was no place for recoil energy to dissipate...
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    .308 Win Light Magnums & Trophy Elk

    I'll be leaving for my Utah limited entry elk hunt tonight. I have my 7MM Rem Mag dialed in with 160 grain Partitions. I could not get my .270 Win dialed in with 150 grain Partitions. That leaves my CRF Featherweight in .308 Win. What's the prevailing wisdom of using a .308 Win with 165 grain...
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    After Dreams of Hunting Trophy Bulls

    As Sept 13 draws near, I'm beginning to become far more excited. After 20+ years of bonus points, I'll finally hunt an authentic trophy elk unit. I knew it was real when I held the tag in my hand. I know that for me, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime hunt. It takes too many bonus points to hope...
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    .270 Win 150 Grain Partitions

    I haven't hand loaded for my .270 Win closing in on two decades. I have 2 boxes of 150 grain Partitions. I was going to go with 58 grains of H-4831. However, I've read that R-22 provides excellent accuracy & velocity. I have a few pounds of R-22. Has anyone loaded 270 Win with 150 grain...
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    Book Cliffs Trophy Elk

    I have a Utah bonus point for every year of its bonus point system. I am almost certain that I will be drawn next season. I'm giving a hard look at the early season, roadless Book Cliffs region. From what I've learned so far, this area has a lot of huge bulls. Has anyone hunted elk in this area...
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    Where to Find Trophy Bulls I hope it's helpful.
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    Book Cliffs or Henry Mountains

    Where would you spend your mule deer bonus points?