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  1. hunter25

    What did you get for Christmas guys?!

    Custom stitched cap and t shirt from my daughter. " I am legend" on both. Lol Gift card from my son. That's it. That's what happens when you're old and alone and everyone has kids of their own. I on the other hand spent massive amounts on hunting clothes and assorted junk for all of them...
  2. hunter25

    If humans were scored in Boone and Crockett ?

    Hopefully teeth aren't included. I'm increasingly lacking in that area
  3. hunter25

    Leupold Scope

    Wish you had posted this sooner. Just bought the exact same scope new 2 weeks ago new.
  4. hunter25

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all
  5. hunter25

    Kodiak hunt

    Very nice, congratulations on a great hunt. I was so close to booking the kodiak hunt, was actually waiting for a return call with the latest rates for 2021. The call didn't come actually and I booked africa while I was waiting. If we do end up going I'm thinking of using one of the rental...
  6. hunter25

    Africa 2021

    My hunt is for 4 animals but I have the price list of maybe 6 others from 300 to 1200 if we see them. Trying to save extra for such an event. Anyone interested really needs to join african hunting forum.
  7. hunter25


    It was shipped this morning, but coming from new zealand will take a week or so. I couldn't help myself with the swamp kuari handle. His price is less than half of what I've seen custom makers here charge. Excited to see his work
  8. hunter25


    I know they work great, but I love my traditional customs. Usually 2 full animals before I need to touch up on a steel. But I pay dearly for them.
  9. hunter25

    Tag Soup 2019

    Full year tags filled. Texas Turkey Alaska caribou 2nd season colorado buck tag Unfilled Alaska wolf, missed Colorado bull tag Was a tough year for bucks for us. Counting my ex wife's side of the family we had 9 buck tags. Only my son and I filled our tags and we both shot forkies at the...
  10. hunter25

    2019 NM Mule Deer hunt

    Nice! Now you need to draw the sheep tag again.
  11. hunter25

    Africa 2021

    Well I've gone ahead and booked a hunt in south africa for 2021 with my son. After reading all of Jim's reports and joining the african hunting forum I couldn't stop myself. Had been planning Alaska again for a boat based deer hunt but this will actually cost about the same. With multiple...
  12. hunter25

    Prayers asked

    Was babysitting the little man early yesterday. Thought about it this morning and decided to update. He's over 17lbs now and doing amazing. Never had problems all.
  13. hunter25

    Colorado 44 2nd season

    Super nice buck. We didn't do well at all this year. Saw nothing but small bucks down lower where we usually hunt. Would've rather been out this next week but didn't draw . High chance I'll draw 444 in the 4th season next year if the trend continues.
  14. hunter25

    First Colorado Mule Deer

    Nice buck! And you got to enjoy some snow
  15. hunter25


    We only got a half inch above Glenwood. Already melted off. Cooler temps are nice though
  16. hunter25

    Leaving In The AM

    Great looking bucks jim, and congratulations to your bil for getting out there and getting it done.
  17. hunter25

    The 2019 Mule Deer Success Thread!

    It's been a weird second season for us. My family has 4 buck tags, extended family makes a total of 9 buck tags. We all drew 2nd season although half of us were second choice. Anyway we've seen dozens of does but only 3 bucks. Far more does than in past years with many double fawns. So...
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  19. hunter25


    Deer Management: An 8 pointer, 4 pointer and a button buck are standing by a field browsing on acorns. The 8 pointer says, 'I'm happy with my 10 does, we're really getting along.' The 4 pointer says, 'I'm happy as heck with my 5, they really take care of me!' The Button buck says, 'My two...
  20. hunter25

    Leaving In The AM

    Good luck jim! As usual I'm a day late