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    MRS book for 2015

    Not that i mind confusing people on the draw in Idaho,but the only single species draw is for moose,sheep or goats.All others are wide open.Perhaps i missed something in their explanation ?
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    New Gaiters

    Just got done with a fine experience with Blacks Creek Guide Gear.This is a USA made outfit out of Caldwell Idaho. I wanted some gaiters for my upcoming Wyoming hunt and their reviews were good.I now know why.My calves are 18 inches,but my legs are not long."the stump"is what the "Queen"calls...
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    Want to get a good pair of hunting chinks,no do-dads or jingle bobs,just leather hunting chinks.Does anyone have a favorite?thanks,larry
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    out of state 4 wheeler?

    What kind of hoops will i jump through to bring my registered 4 wheeler to wyoming?thanks larry
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    Just got my Crispi,(Idaho) boots in the mail.Wore them around after work,when my feet were at their expanded range,one pair of medium weight socks.Like i had owned them for 3 years,really comfortable, as well as stable.New early boots for me.Larry
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    Anyone tried one of these blinds out?Look good for Antelope and Turkeys.thanks, Larry
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    Barbary Sheep tags

    My wife and i drew sheep tags for units 31,32,34,36,37.Hunt starts in feb runs quite some time.Anyone have any good spots to start scouting down there?We thought we would drive down and camp out.Thanks, Larry