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    How big?

    I'm having trouble judging this particular CO pronghorn. Sorry the pic is sideways, I can't seem to get it turn upright. Any guesses on score?
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    Planning Ak Moose hunt

    I am looking at booking a moose hunt with PaPa Bear Outfitters in 2014 or 2015 (depending on WY elk draw in 2014). He hunts in AK Unit 18 (Lower Yukon River Drainage) and says there are a few monsters around, with good success on his hunts. Does anyone have any experience with this outfitter or...
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    Montana or Wyoming General Seasons

    I am trying to decide whether to put in for the MT Combo tag and an archery unit or put in for a WY blue chip area with a general tag second choice. Montana has better odds, success rates (General seasons), and actually ranks higher in B&C (last 5 years). Wyoming seems to be a longer wait for...
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    Late Season Elk hunts

    Has anyone tried one of the late season rifle or even archery hunts in the better elk units of Arizona? I am trying to work out my elk application strategy for the next couple years and can't decide whether to wait the extra decade for a rut hunt or draw a couple of late tags in the same time...
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    Sun Valley Deer?

    I get one more chance to fill my Idaho deer tag! Work is sending me to Ketchum for a week and we should have plenty of time to hunt the mornings and evening. Does anyone have any info on the deer in the Sun Valley area? I have never been there and am hoping someone can advise on trophy...
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    Wyoming Speedgoat

    After a hellacious and unsuccessful trip in the wilderness of Idaho I drove to Wyoming for pronghorn. I was just passing through and only had 2 hours to hunt but managed to shoot this goat. I couldn't pass him up.
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    The full account of our FC-RONR hunt (Long post)

    Idaho Frank Church- River of No Return Wilderness Hunt Unit 27- 15-22 September 2012 Tags- 1x Elk, 1x Deer, 1x Bear, 2x Grey Wolf 15 September We met at McCall Aviation in McCall, Idaho at 0645 to load up the Islander plane and get our flight briefs. We ended up having to wait a little bit...
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    Headed to FC-RONR Wilderness

    Well my brother and I are headed deep into the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness next Friday. We are flying into a backcountry airstrip and hiking 5 miles to a little cirque lake for basecamp, then going wherever the game takes us for the next 7 days. We have an elk tag, a deer tag, a...
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    Frank Church hunt

    Does anybody have any tips for hunting in unit 27 (Frank Church- River of No Return Wilderness). My brother and I are planning to either get flown in to Indian Creek or hike in from Dagger Falls. He will have an elk tag and I will have a deer tag and a wolf tag. I know the country is very rough...
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    Wyoming 120 or 118 Deer

    I am planning a Mule Deer/Antelope combo next year. I have been looking at Unit 120 or 118. I understand that unit 120 has some access issues and that most of the deer are on private land, but is there enough public to have a good hunt? How does the trophy quality compare between the 2 units?
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    2011 season

    And a few good fishing trips as well.
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    2011 season

    Here are some pics from my 2011 hunts.
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    Unit 74 or 36 for Deer?

    I am currently putting together an application strategy for this year. I have narrowed my deer choices down to two units: a Unit 74 2nd season or a Unit 35/36 3rd season. Since I have 0-points I am thinking of buying a landowner tag and applying for points only to hunt better units in the...
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    2011 muley 1 stop shop!

    My last day tag filler from New Mexico and my Colorado buck
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    Eagle Area Archery Deer

    I am already starting to make plans for next year. I am looking hard at Unit 44, 45, or 444 for an archery hunt. Does anyone have any experience with early season deer in these areas?
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    Unit 43 Deer

    I am looking at hunting Unit 43 deer next year. I am looking for a timberline hunt that offers good chances at a nice buck, GMU 43 seems to fit the bill. Has anyone hunting there? What were your experiences? Feel free to PM me if you like.
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    Moving to Boulder Area

    My wife and I are moving to Colorado in 16 months and I was hoping someone could give me some insight into the hunting opportunities in the area. I have hunted Colorado for several years, but i always hunted near Grand Junction or Durango. We looked at a few properties after this years hunt and...
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    2011 Colorado Buck

    Saw several bigger, but they stayed on posted land. I was happy to take this guy. I think he grosses 145-150", but I haven't measured him and probably won't. Also took a small 3x4 in NM last week. Overall, good year.
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    SW Colorado Deer Migration

    I was just wondering if the early snowstorm in Southwest Colorado started the Mule Deer down the mountain. It sounded like there was 12-20" in the higher elevations, but has already been melting due to warm temps. Was it enough to get things moving south?
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    Montana Unit 501 Bighorn

    I am going to give the Unit 501 Unlimited sheep hunt a try next year. Do any of you have any experiences with this hunt. I know it is extremely tough and the odds are low, but I plan to hunt it every other year until I am successful (or too old to get to the rams). I plan on a week long hunt...