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    My 2021

    So this year I tried some new stuff very little of it paid off. I scouted a lot for my Dad's otc archery mule deer hunt and my high county rifle mule deer hunt.
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    Deer neck collar?

    Last week I harvested a deer with a radio collar. Has any one else here ever shot a deer with a collar? Did you receive any info on that buck?
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    Let's see the best elk you have on trail camera.

    A few western Oregon bulls. Let's see the best bulls you've found.
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    Hunting applications during Corona.

    How is the Corona virus affecting your hunting Applications? How do you think it will effect draw odds?
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    Drop away rests?

    On the last 3 bows I've owned I've ran a QAD drop away. I just ordered a new bow a I was thinking about getting something different. Are there any rests that are better then the QAD and why are they better?
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    Idaho unit 26 and 27 limits tags

    Idaho fish and game has decided to limit tags for non resident hunters in unit 26 and unit 27. This is probably a good decision because some areas were over hunted. But the problem is how the Game department did it. In unit 27 tags are limited to 51 and in unit 26 there is 13 tags. At the same...
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    Long range accubonds BC

    I've been looking at trying long range accubonds in my 300win and I was wondering how accurate the ballistic coefficient rating on the box is? It just seems like it might be a little high. Is there any independent company that tests the BC rating?
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    Middle fork salmon flight cost?

    About how much does it cost to fly into the middle fork salmon for a week long hunt?
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    Kowa BD42 -10XD ?

    I've been looking at the kowa BD42-10XD binos but I haven't found much information on them. I would really like to know how they stack up against other binoculars in the same price point? Can they be attached to a tripod? How they perform glassing at longer ranges 1000+ yards?
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    new member

    My name is Micah I'm 35 I've been archery hunt in oregon since the age of 12. Recently I've branched out to hunting idaho and have been putting in for 5 states.