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  1. alaska2go

    Pack raft

    I used one on a dall sheep hunt in the brooks range. A awesome way to go to transverse lots of wilderness country.
  2. alaska2go

    Where is everyone?

    I think people, including me get tired of politized & industrialization of hunting. We get frustrated ! There is too many "groups" that think they know what is best for the animals & the consumer . Money, sustainability, residency, natives to the land, ( ie Alaska) outfitters, etc all have a...
  3. alaska2go

    Why the animosity?

    Pretty HOT topic. Interesting to hear all the perspectives. I see the passion on both sides . I have had several run ins w/ ranchers & farmers, some good but most of them bad. Therefor I must put the skid chain on my tongue and just read .
  4. alaska2go

    Mount Pictures

    True statement right there.. I had a hard time selling my home in Alaska because people said it is to much like a " hunting lodge"
  5. alaska2go

    Portable Bear Fence in Grizz country?

    Bears are more curious when they are sniffing around your camp. We used the electric fence in the Cold Bay area and it worked great. The big bears would come around and they would sniff the wires & realized it wasn't for them. I think the biggest difference between bears in AK & the lower 48...
  6. alaska2go

    Mule Deer Week starts Saturday

    I think what people get confused about it competition for food and carry capacity. When these critters lose habitat to due human expansion there becomes a higher demand is smaller areas . Thus leaving smaller amounts of nutrition for these critters. This leads to poorer health and lower...
  7. alaska2go

    Warmest socks or boots for cold weather sits

    The bunny boots BETA.. I don't think they make them any more but I could be wrong... Use a merino wool liner w/ a heavy wool thorlo sock. I would 1 size bigger to let circulation around my foot and ankle and to let moisture out of the top.. I would ice fish with this set up up to 8 hours...
  8. alaska2go

    Any tips or tricks to replacing stuck blades in an outdoor edge knife?

    Just buy a Cutco drop point or clip point straight edge & a pencil diamond steel medium ... Problem solved..
  9. alaska2go

    Proposition 114

    So if it does pass and the federal government no longer have wolves protected what is going to happen ?? I am really curious.
  10. alaska2go

    2020 Antelope Success Thread

    I don't think it much of a story... The last pronghorn I harvested was when I was 17 & I am now 48 going on 49. I guess the common denominator is that I have shot them w/ my Dad's pre 64 Winny 06 feather weight. I will give a shout out to Colorado Cowboy for PM about the unit ... It took...
  11. alaska2go

    Daughter holds the biggest buck in the household

    That is just freakin awesome !!!
  12. alaska2go

    2020 Antelope Success Thread

    I haven't harvested a pronghorn in 31 years ..
  13. alaska2go

    AZ Jimmy John Bull

    Am i missing something here ? I just saw 3 bulls this weekend ( 8/22 ) who all had velvet on their antlers ..
  14. alaska2go

    Wilderness Archery Elk

    Correct !! People get all wound up to go " remote" and realize it is a lot of work especially if ya knock 1 down... They can't or will not embrace the suck that comes with a little remote hunting.. As I get older 49 this year I am not embracing the suck as much either. :unsure:
  15. alaska2go

    What is your go to elk rifle / ammunition combo?

    So, I would like to chime in a little on this one. I have killed elk w/ a bow, muzzle loader, & a rifle.. I shot a 4 point bull w/ a 50# browning bantom bow in 1988 w/ a old satellite broad head went through the ribs, but I also hit a 6 point bull w/ the set up in the front shoulder and the...
  16. alaska2go

    2020 Turkey Picture Thread

    The gun was my dad's OL 870. When I would tag along as young lad at the age of 5/6 he would blast birds w/ it. The state is Colorado only 1 bird bearded per spring season.... It is a merriam
  17. alaska2go

    Help with unit

    Might i suggest unit 68 4th season rifle
  18. alaska2go

    16 preference points in colorado

    yup .. Speed goat.. I got 16 PP & lookin to burn them..