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  1. newguy220

    Remington Recalls

    Saw this and thought I would share it so everyone knows.
  2. newguy220

    Mossberg barrel and 41 supplies

    Sold, can't figure out how to delete. newguy220
  3. newguy220

    Unit 22 or 45

    I know both of those units produce huge bucks every year, but I haven't heard or seen any this year. I was wondering if anyone else knows of any from this last fall? Or any big bucks from the rest of the state? newguy220
  4. newguy220

    Crispi Problems

    Wanting to get some advice on the problem I'm having. I bought a pair of the Crispi Idaho boots this summer to hunt with this fall. After using them, I found out they leak horrible and I want to send them back for warranty, but I can't get a hold of anyone. I emailed Miles Munger the first of...
  5. newguy220


    What does everyone carry for a compass? Is there any advantages to any of them? I've had a couple cheap wallyworld ones and they end up broke after awhile, so I'm looking for something with quality. Thanks, newguy220
  6. newguy220

    Sat. Phones

    Looking at buying a sat phone and was wondering who has had experience with them? I was wondering if there are any out there that you could charge with a solar panel that is still small enough to pack on your back? Thanks, newguy220
  7. newguy220

    G5 expert ii drop-away rest

    Are they any good? I like the roller idea, but haven't been around anyone that has one to see it in action. Thanks, newguy220
  8. newguy220

    Sheep Tag Raincheck

    Did anyone hear about this or know what ever happened? newguy220
  9. newguy220

    261A2 Clear Lk-Deadhorse No. 2

    I was looking at the left over tags and came across that one. Its in the Imnaha unit and I've never been, its a December tag and was wondering what the access would be like? Thanks, newguy220
  10. newguy220

    Long Range Bullet

    Wanting to get some thoughts on this. What bullet do you think would be better for 500-1000yards on elk, .338 300gr AccuBond, .338 300gr Berger, or an .338 300gr match bullet? These will be shot out of a .338-378 Weatherby. Thanks, newguy220 P.S. I know there are people that against this, so...
  11. newguy220

    Potatoes and Bear

    I was wondering if anyone has ever used potatoes for bear bait? Fresh or rotting? I have access to quite a bit and was wondering if it would be worth my time. Thanks, newguy220
  12. newguy220

    Deer Tag

    I got a buddy with enough points to draw just about any tag he would want for deer. He was thinking the Trout Creek area, but don't know much about it and haven't heard anything that shows much promise. I was wondering if anyone on here has any other suggestions on where to go? Thanks...
  13. newguy220

    Which Unit

    What unit would you hunt, for which species? Thanks, newguy220
  14. newguy220

    Field of View

    I was looking at the Swarovski ATS spotting scopes and noticed that the field of view at 1000yds is the same with the 65mm or 80mm objective diameter. I than went to the Swarovski website to make sure I wasn't reading a misprint and that is what it stated on there website. It also said the...
  15. newguy220

    Left Hand AR

    I know this is a long shot, but was wondering if anyone knows where I could get a left-handed Rock River Arms AR? I was trying to locate one before the shootings, but since them it has become very diffucult to find anything. Thanks, newguy220
  16. newguy220

    Pack Size

    If your wanting to do 10 day+/- hunt what size of pack should I be looking for? I'm new to this style of hunting so I having a hard time getting a starting point to go with. Any advice, tips, or anything else would be greatly appriecated. Thanks, newguy220