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  1. alaska2go

    16 preference points in colorado

    So if you had 16 PP in Colorado what unit would you apply for ?
  2. alaska2go

    hunting partner

    I moved back to Colorado september 2019 and all my old friends don't hunt any more ... I haven't hunted geese or upland game for 20 years & i miss it.. Still have the set up but no one to go with.. Plus, i just like to go help some one fill their tag and help with getting it back to the...
  3. alaska2go

    remembering my hunting mentor

    It brings me with a sad heart that my Father passed away today. My Father took me hunting every chance he got.. He started taking me turkey hunting when I was 5 years old .. He taught me all about hunting & the wild world we live in. My best memories in life growing up and beyond is hunting...
  4. alaska2go

    baiten bear

    have a few good ones this year hitting the bait
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    Being that there are a lot of you guys collecting preference points and waiting to have that " hunt of a life time " are we all putting ourselves into a pressure cooker ?? I hear a lot of guys saying they don't want to "waste " their points that they have gathered over the years.. Don't we...
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    alaska F&G sheep news letter

    Here ya go
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    Central artic caribou heard

    I just wanted to let everyone know that AK F&G might closing caribou hunting to non-residents in unit 26B. The population has went from 70,000 down to 23,000 in 6 years. This the unit where the "haul" road is, & mostly residents hunt but there are a few transporters in the area that base their...
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    338 ultra mag

    AKA thumper. Energy of a 375 H&H with the ballistics of a 7mm Rem mag.
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    Just a all around good choice in my opinion.
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    At what cost will a hunting TV show go to ?

    The Syndicate hunting show on the sportsman channel is in deep doodoo ! So it brings up the question, At what cost do these hunting TV shows go through to poach critters ? Reading this gives me a...
  11. alaska2go

    what is the lure of owning a $300 rain jacket

    Or any of the high dollar hunting clothes out there ?? I personally don't see the advantage ! I hunt in one of the most hostile regions of the world and do just fine with every day run of the mill clothing. The only place I will spend money is on my feet. Some of my hunting buddies buy that...
  12. alaska2go

    Attn: caribou hunters

    Below is a link that you guys should read.
  13. alaska2go

    Alaska F&G sheep report

    Here is the latest report by the F&G on sheep here in AK. If you guys are thinking about hunting sheep in AK this is some pretty good info.
  14. alaska2go

    My eldest boy's first moose

    My oldest son Wyatt earned his hunter safety card this summer at age 13. The deal was he get his hunter safety card & I'll take him moose hunting. I called this bull in on the 4th day of the hunt. Wyatt shot him throught the heart at a whopping 35 yards as the bull was thrashing the alders and...
  15. alaska2go

    Brooks Range Dall sheep hunt

    Spent 13 days in the brooks range hunting sheep. It was the most pristine wilderness i've ever been to. The silence was deafening. We walked about 60 miles and rafted 18 miles. If anyone of you guys ever want to visit a place where you see no one, hear no air traffic, see no lights, and love...
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    Colorado elk EH

    3rd season elk
  17. alaska2go

    here moosey moosey

  18. alaska2go

    7'-2" square 20-3/16 skull black bear AK

    Hunted this bear for 3 years over bait here in AK. i used to call him 4 toes because he was missing his index toe on his front left foot. But, after trying for 2 years to kill this bear & him tearing up my bait barrels his new name became ol som Bit$&. i logged 74 hrs on stand before he...
  19. alaska2go

    2011 370" bull elk Co DIY NF

    The biggest bull i have ever seen on national forest in CO. And the easiest elk hunt i have ever been on also. The ol saying goes " I rather be lucky than good"
  20. alaska2go

    caribou photos

    For the unlucky that don't get hunt alaska