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  1. El Serio

    Utah draw results

    I got my unsuccessful e-mail last night. How did everyone else do?
  2. El Serio

    Will my points expire if I don't apply? Loophole to keep existing points?

    I didn't apply for Nevada last year, if I don't this year will I lose my points? If I remember quickly they expire after 2 years on non application. Due to a family situation that is unlikely to change, out of state hunting has become tough for me to pull off. I already let go of my Arizona...
  3. El Serio

    Masks required on federal land

    President Biden just signed an executive order requiring masks and social distancing on all federal property for the next 100 days. Pretty far reaching considering that BLM and Forest Service property make up a large percentage of the western states. What effect will do you think this will...
  4. El Serio

    Wyoming Opening Day

    My Wyoming antelope unit opens rifle season on Thursday. How busy would you expect Thursday to be? I'm sure Saturday will be crazy, just wonder how many people actually take off work to go out opening day?
  5. El Serio

    New Mexico antelope applications since A-Plus was eliminated

    Who still applies for New Mexico antelope since the A-Plus system that assigned hunters to private ranches was eliminated? I hunted once under the A-Plus system, and while the ranch I got wasn't great, I had a good time. NMDGF touted the program as offering more opportunities, but it...
  6. El Serio

    When will Utah start charging cards?

    Last year Utah charged my card for a resident general season deer tag on May 11th. Any guess on when they'll do it this year?
  7. El Serio

    Nevada MRS mule deer table in print magazine

    Was looking through the M.R.S. section for Nevada and noticed that the table in the mule deer section seems to be the one for pronghorn. Is there any way for print subscribers to get a corrected table?
  8. El Serio

    What are Your Bowhunting Goals for the Year?

    It's the time of year when we are applying and trying to draw tags. My archery goals this year are modest, because I don't have any realistic hope of drawing a tag in my home state (Utah) this year. Hopefully I can get a cow or spike elk on an OTC tag. If I can get a nonresident mule deer tag...
  9. El Serio

    How Come Nobody Ever Talks About These Podcasts?

    I have listened to a bunch of Eastmans' Elevated podcasts and really enjoyed them. Brian's positive attitude and insights make them really worthwhile to me. The last one I listened to was about a Coues hunt in Arizona. It was fun to listen in as they recount the tricky aspects of the hunt from...